Nick Saban Leaving Could Be The Best Thing For Alabama

By Michael Peckerar
Spruce Derden – USA Today Sports

Rumors being what they are, talk has been circulating regarding the future of University Of Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Will he stay with Alabama, go to University Of Texas and take over Mack Brown‘s job, or some un-thought-of third option?

Frankly none of that matters to the fan base because the only thing anyone can count on is that Alabama fans will act stupidly regardless of the outcome.

While that might seem harsh, take a look at their track record this season.  There was the fan who stiffed a waiter after the Iron Bowl loss to Auburn University and wrote “Roll Tide” on the receipt.  Not to be outdone, there was the fan who shot and killed another fan after the same loss for the horrific crime of not being angry enough.

These acts have no base in reality and only show a delusional fan base still clinging to an illusion of dominance.  What Saban is hiding from them is that Alabama is a paper facade.

Case-in-point is the idea that somehow or another Alabama maintained a No. 1 ranking over Florida State despite the fact that FSU was undefeated in a real schedule and Alabama took on Colorado State, Georgia State, and Tennessee-Chattanooga. When a team decides to take on the B-squads after multiple conference and national championships that team is being carried.

The reports of Saban either renewing the lease on his place in Tuscaloosa, deciding to Keep Austin Weird, or even hanging up his clipboard and riding off into the sunset have been conflicting.  Saban can pretty much do whatever he wants.  Despite throwing a tantrum because some students decided to beat the traffic and leave early during a blowout, he’s a grown man.  Yet there’s this underlying sentiment that Saban is good for Alabama.

Alabama needs a little cold water thrown on them.  First of all, for Saban to sit back and allow the university to hand him cupcake schedules against teams that don’t even belong in the same sentence as Alabama is reprehensible and holds the program back.  Furthermore, his “show me the money” recruiting pitch of handing out photos of NFL signing bonus checks from his players is a batch of sanctions waiting to happen.  Any prep standout who bites on that bait is a prime target for “those” boosters.

Should Saban actually leave for Texas — which he totally should — fans will burn Tuscaloosa to the ground.  A quick return to reality, however, will show that a Saban-less Crimson Tide is more the way to go.  There are a surplus of obnoxious crybabies to take Saban’s place who can lead the team through the same made up dream world.  More importantly, there is a laundry list of coaches who can bring Alabama back to a respectable place with real schedules, proper recruiting, and focusing on what goes on on the field rather than the stands.

Waving goodbye to Saban might be the best thing to ever happen to the Crimson Tide.

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