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Top 10 Must-Watch Bowl Games

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10 Can't Miss Bowl Games

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Just when college football fans start to get sad because the season is over, the official list of bowl game match ups is released and once again we have a reason to smile.

With that being said, there are obviously a few games that will be ridiculously amazing match ups and of course those games that do not seem much worth our time. Mostly, it doesn’t matter, because we can still hold onto the splendor of college ball for a little bit longer.

So what makes a great bowl game? Well, any number of factors, but mostly we as fans love to see match ups between teams that we wouldn’t normally see during regular season play. Another aspect of a great bowl game is teams that are mismatched in skill. This is to say that some teams meet up with one having a great defense and the other having a great offense. That being said, there are of course teams that meet up with parallel offenses or defenses, and then we truly see who is the superior of the two.

While every bowl game except the BCS National Championship title game is basically just to warrant one team bragging rights until the next season begins, they are still match ups that bring about extensive media coverage.

This year’s bowl game schedule is bittersweet (some might say more bitter than sweet, depending on your opinion of the BCS system). This is because this will be the last go around for the BCS before college football is converted to a playoff system. So, this season will be a sort of homage to the old system that most people think of as garbage anyways.

With that, it seems logical to look at the bowl games and determine which will be worth your time to watch and the games that will provide great background noise at your holiday parties.

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10. Iowa vs. LSU

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The Outback Bowl will put up the non-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes against the No. 16 Bayou Bengals, LSU. You might automatically assume destruction of the Hawkeyes at the hands of LSU, but this game will be more than meets the eye. Iowa has a decent defense, and the two teams prove to be more similar than you might think. Plus, LSU will be without Zach Mettenberger.

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9. UCF vs. Baylor

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The Fiesta Bowl will be a matchup between No. 15 UCF and the No. 6 Baylor Bears. This may seem like an uninteresting bowl game out of the whole bunch, but keep in mind that UCF's only loss was a close one at the hands of South Carolina. UCF has proven to play to their opponents tough so far this season. This will be especially interesting as they take on Baylor, who seem to be on the verge of making 100 point games like they are nothing.

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8. Duke vs. Texas A&M

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This year's Chick-Fil-A bowl might not be the most interesting in terms of scoring, but it could be our last chance to see Johnny Manziel in action on a college field. That is ultimately something worth watching.

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7. Oregon vs. Texas

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We have before us an Alamo Bowl between No. 10 Oregon and the unranked Texas. This will be an opportunity to watch the Oregon Ducks, who have fallen from grace this season, take on Texas. It will be interesting to see what the Texas defense can do against the Ducks as well as seeing if they can present a formidable offense.

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6. Wisconsin vs. South Carolina

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The Capital One Bowl will put No. 19 Wisconsin up against No. 9 South Carolina. This game will be interesting because these teams are much closer to each other than their rank suggests. Wisconsin has been a bit underrated this season, and South Carolina rides the coattails of the SEC glory. Both teams finished second overall in their respective divisions, so this game will be fairly interesting in all aspects of the game.

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5. Oklahoma State vs. Missouri

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This game could be fairly interesting from an offensive standpoint. Both teams lost their chances at division championships and could possibly be a little bitter. If both teams play out as they have throughout the season, this could be a high scoring, action packed game.

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4. Oklahoma vs. Alabama

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The idea of Alabama and Oklahoma meeting up for a bowl game is an inciting prospect in and of itself, and it may be the only real intrigue for this game. Oklahoma may have had an impressive record this season, but they going to be destroyed by Alabama. It will also be gratifying to not see Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide in a championship game for once.

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3. Stanford vs. Michigan State

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This year's Rose Bowl is not likely to be one of a high scoring nature, but it will be a great sight to behold. Putting two great defenses up against offenses that do their best to run you into the ground while doing their best to beat up on you is sure to guarantee a fantastic show.

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2. Clemson vs. Ohio State

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Urban Meyer has under his tutelage one of the greatest defenses in the country. This much is evident. But the thing about this matchup is that each team has in its possession one of the great quarterbacks in college ball, both of which spearhead incredibly strong offensive lines. These factors will make the Orange Bowl a great bowl game.

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1. Florida State vs. Auburn

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Could you expect anything less for the No. 1 spot? Here we have two incredible teams that have made impressive showings over the course of the season. Any team that beats Alabama is going to be worth our time to watch! FSU has a fantastic quarterback who leads an almost unstoppable and diverse offense. The Seminoles also have a dynamite defense to boast about. This does, in no way, count Auburn out, for they are similarly stacked when it comes to talent. This game will by far be the most interesting bowl game this season. Plus, we get to name a new BCS champion just in time to transition into the new playoff system.