5 Reasons Why Jordan Lynch Doesn’t Deserve 2013 Heisman Trophy

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Five Reasons Jordan Lynch Doesn’t Deserve 2013 Heisman Trophy

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Jordan Lynch has been a fantastic competitor as quarterback of the Northern Illinois Huskies over the last two seasons. He led his team to a BCS bid in 2012 out of the MAC and had them on the verge of going back in 2013 before stumbling at the end of the season in the conference title game. He’s a dynamic playmaker who has put his name into the record books but has he done enough to win the 2013 Heisman Trophy?

Looking at his stat-line, it’s easy to understand why he was named a finalist this season. He became just the fifth player in FBS history to throw for 20 touchdowns and rush for 20 touchdowns in a single season as he racked up 4,557 yards of total offense this season and 46 total touchdowns. Three of the four others to accomplish the 20/20 season went on to win the Heisman while the fourth lost out to another member of the list (Colin Kaepernick in 2010 to Cam Newton).

But the grass-roots campaign to get Lynch to New York City and his gaudy stat-line won’t be enough to push Lynch to the top of the Heisman class. While there’s no denying that Lynch is a special athlete that has made an indelible mark on the college football landscape, his chances of earning the Heisman against the other crop of competitors is slim to none. The senior signal caller has cleared some massive hurdles just to get invited to the Heisman presentation but winning it all is the final hurdle that Lynch just won’t clear.

There are a number of factors working against Lynch and his chances at becoming the next Heisman Trophy winner on Saturday. Here are five reasons that the dynamic quarterback doesn’t deserve to win the 2013 Heisman Trophy.

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5. Small School Prejudice of Voters

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The last time that the Heisman Trophy went to a player that was not in a major conference was back in 1990 when BYU Cougars quarterback Ty Detmer earned college football’s highest individual honor. Since 1960, it has only happened four times. Heisman voters tend to lend a lot more weight to the exploits of players on teams that play in major conferences. The three quarterbacks in the 20/20 club who won the award all played in the SEC and each of them had more total touchdowns than Lynch has this season. Small schools don’t get the same respect as the major programs, which is a major hit to Lynch’s candidacy.

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4. Loss in MAC Championship

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One of the biggest selling points of the Lynch for Heisman campaign has been his ability to win games. He put NIU on his back to get them to the BCS last season and got them through a 12-0 regular season with the inside track to bust the BCS. However, the last image that Heisman voters have of Lynch and the Huskies is their upset loss in the MAC Championship. Playing in a smaller conference, the margin for error in a Heisman run for Lynch was razor thin and stumbling in the final game before the Heisman vote will not do him any favors.

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3. Level of Competition

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But even if NIU had beaten the Bowling Green Falcons to finish 13-0 and headed back to the BCS, the level of competition that the Huskies have faced this season lacks any real signature wins. Their season-opening win over the Iowa Hawkeyes (an overlooked 8-4 team this season) is their biggest win of the year and nobody is going to give Iowa any weight as a signature moment. Lynch faced zero teams ranked in the top 25 this season and voters will not be impressed with the strength-of-schedule against which he dominated.

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2. Production Down in 2013

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On top of that, 2013 was actually a DOWN year for Lynch from his breakout campaign in 2012. Last season, Lynch threw for over 3,000-yards and came close to accumulating 5,000 total yards of offense. While he has been better on the ground this season (144.69 ypg in 2013 vs 129.64 ypg in 2012), his passing numbers have dropped. While it has still been a strong season for Lynch, the numbers are slightly down from his junior season when he didn’t even get invited to New York. If he couldn’t win it last year with better numbers, what chance does he have this season?

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1. Better Quarterback Contenders

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And looking at the quarterbacks in attendance for the Heisman presentation (and even some not invited), Lynch does not quite stack up to the competition. Jameis Winston has brought the Florida State Seminoles to the BCS National Championship and accounted for 4,013 total yards and 42 touchdowns while sitting out of several second-half blowouts this season. AJ McCarron has done nothing but win (minus this season’s Iron Bowl) as the leader of an efficient Alabama Crimson Tide attack. Johnny Manziel has looked better throwing the football this season than he did when he won the Heisman in 2012 and returns to NYC with 4,418 total yards of offense and 41 total touchdowns. And all of them have done it against more impressive competition than Lynch.

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