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5 Reasons Why Jameis Winston Doesn’t Deserve Heisman Trophy

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5 Reasons Jameis Winston Doesn't Deserve the 2013 Heisman Trophy

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The greatest individual honor in college football will be handed out this week and that award will change one person's life forever, but who will win the Heisman Trophy? The prestigious award is given to the best player in college football, but in recent years the Heisman Trust has lobbied for a different set of standards. The Heisman Trust wants the award to be given to not only a good football player, but to a person that encompasses morals and values that represent the "Heisman brand" with honor and dignity. This notion has the Heisman voters divided, and this will be the first time this concept is really tested. The Heisman voters will be divided this year, but will it be a generational difference of opinions that decides who wins the Heisman?

There are six candidates up for Heisman consideration this year. Four quarterbacks and two running backs have been invited to New York for the ceremony and every player has a storyline, but what will be the headline Saturday night? Will it be the sentimental favorite in Jordan Lynch? How about one of the outstanding running backs in the game in Tre Mason or Andre Williams? Will A.J. McCarron add a Heisman trophy to his collection of national championship rings? Could Johnny Manziel pull off the repeat? Will Jameis Winston be the second ever freshman to claim the trophy?

All of the Heisman finalists have led their teams to the best of their abilities, but only one candidate has posted an undefeated season. Winston has been instrumental in Florida State's success this season, but will the front-running frosh strike the pose Saturday night? While Winston has dominated on the field, he has dealt with a maelstrom of controversy off it. Even though the legal process has cleared Winston of any wrongdoing, the voters may still hold his accused transgressions against him. If the voters feel Winston does not represent the Heisman brand well, they might give the award to one of the other deserving candidates.

Winston has been electrifying and dominant, but he does not deserve the Heisman trophy. The Heisman is supposed to be given to the best player in college football each season, and Winston does not meet the criteria for the award.

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Offensive Production

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If you were to blindly pick a Heisman based on numbers, you would probably not pick Winston. His numbers are solid, but he does not stand out from the other candidates.

3,732 passing yards, 33 passing touchdowns, 69.1 percent completion rate, 686 rushing yards and eight rushing touchdowns.

3,820 passing yards, 38 passing touchdowns, 67.9 percent completion rate, 193 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns.

2,676 passing yards, 23 passing touchdowns, 63.1 percent completion rate, 1,881 rushing yards and 22 rushing touchdowns.

Which statline would you pick?

Winston is the second statline and his numbers are not worthy of a Heisman trophy. Winston has accumulated fewer total yards than both Johnny Manziel and Jordan Lynch. While Manziel and Lynch lead their teams in rushing, Winston is not even one of the top three leading rushers for the Seminoles. Manziel also has a better completion rate than Winston.

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Winston has been the beneficiary of a top-notch defense which has helped his Heisman candidacy. Florida State is the the best defense in the country in terms of points allowed. The Seminoles' defense only yields 10.7 points per game. Northern Illinois ranks 55th in points against at 25.4 points per game, and Texas A&M ranks 89th in points against at 30.9 points per game.

Winston has won games with a good defense, but Manziel and Lynch have won games in spite of bad defenses. If Manziel or Lynch had a Florida State-caliber defense, they too would be undefeated.

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Strength of Schedule

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Strength of schedule shows the quality of opponents the Heisman candidates have faced this season. Winston and Manziel have both faced four top 25 opponents this season, but Lynch did not face a top 25 team all year. Florida State's opponent's combined record was 71-74. Texas A&M's opponent's combined record was 93-56. Northen Illinois' opponent's combined record was 68-90.

The numbers show Manziel played the stiffest competition all year. Winston's schedule was decent, and Lynch's schedule was atrocious.

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Lack of a Heisman Moment

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All of the past Heisman winners have seemingly had a Heisman moment or game, but Winston did not have that signature moment. Winston destroyed many teams throughout the season, but he did not have an awe-inspiring play or drive against an elite team.

Manziel or Lynch did not have a trademark moment either this year. Lynch's slim chances of winning the Heisman were dashed when Northen Illinois lost in the MAC Championship game.

Out of these three, the best Heisman moment came in a loss. Manziel was down big in the fourth quarter to then No. 1 Alabama, and Johnny football led the Aggies on an improbable comeback that just fell short.

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The controversy that surrounded Winston in the later part of the season did not have an impact on his performance on the field, but don't think it won't be in the back of every voter's mind. If the Heisman race is close, the voters will likely give the award to a player that is not smeared with legal allegations.