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Which College Football Conference Has the Most Starting QBs in the NFL?

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Which CFB Conference Has the Most Starting NFL QBs?


College Football and the NFL are both winding down this season. CFB is set for Bowl season, while NFL teams are doing everything in their power to get in better position for the playoffs. Regardless of whether you prefer your football from the college or professional ranks, I think we can all agree that it's the best time of year to be a fan of the sport.

Of course, every NFL player had to make their way up the ladder to get to the pros, and that means they made a pit stop in college. For the most part, the NFL is made up of players from major college conferences, but there's also a good amount of players from obscure conferences and locations.

The overall consensus right now is that the SEC produces the best NFL talent. It's no doubt the biggest power conference in all of CFB and that high level of competition produces a ton of NFL gems. You always hear about how 'fast' the SEC is and if you think it's just talk, trying switching from an SEC game to a game from a lower-tier conference. The difference in game speed is very noticeable.

When it comes to the most important position in football, quarterback, there's actually a wide variety of starters in the NFL. I went through and charted each NFL team's starter and where they went to school and then totaled up the number of QBs from each conference. Obviously, there are a few teams with multiple players at QB, so I used the logic 'who would be the starter of this team if all the QBs were healthy'. So without further ado, here are the NFL's starting QBs ranked by conference. Which one has the most?

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Big 12 - 4 Starters


Geno Smith - West Virginia

Andy Dalton - TCU

Robert Griffin III - Baylor

Sam Bradford - Oklahoma

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Other - 5 Starters


Joe Flacco - Delaware

Ben Roethlisberger - Miami of Ohio

Case Keenum - Houston

Tony Romo - Eastern Illinois

Colin Kaepernick - Nevada

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ACC - 5 Starters


EJ Manuel - Florida State

Philip Rivers - NC State

Christian Ponder - Florida State

Matt Ryan - Boston College

Mike Glennon - NC State

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Pac 12 - 6 Starters


Andrew Luck - Stanford

Jake Locker - Washington

Alex Smith - Utah

Nick Foles - Arizona

Aaron Rodgers - Cal

Carson Palmer - USC

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SEC - 6 Starters


Ryan Tannehill - Texas A&M

Peyton Manning - Tennessee

Eli Manning - Ole Miss

Jay Cutler - Vanderbilt

Matt Stafford - Georgia

Cam Newton - Auburn

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Big Ten - 6 Starters


Tom Brady - Michigan

Brian Hoyer - Michigan State

Chad Henne - Michigan

Terrell Pryor - Ohio State

Drew Brees - Purdue

Russell Wilson - Wisconsin

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There's not a clear-cut winner in the 'college football conference with the most starting NFL QBs' debate. All the major conferences have their fair share of starters and the top three are all deadlocked at six players a piece. However, if you look at the conference with the most elite and upper-tier NFL QBs, you could certainly make an argument for the SEC.