Nick Saban Agrees To Stay With Alabama, Adds Intrigue to Texas Job

By Andrew Fisher
Nick Saban
USA Today Sports

After weeks of speculation, Nick Saban has agreed to a new contract with Alabama. Once Texas stumbled out of the game to a 1-2 start, rumors of Saban leaving for the Lone Star state began to spread like wildfire. Even as of last week there was said to be an offer on the table for Saban to re-up for more money, even though he just got an extension, so more fuel was added to the fire by his ‘choosing’ not to accept it. Now, all of that buzz is gone. Saban is committed to the Crimson Tide and that’s fans of the storied school want to hear.

As for the Longhorns, it’s a different story. Missing out on Saban is a big deal and now it’s back to the drawing board, maybe. Mack Brown‘s future has yet to be announced, but most think it’s only a matter of time before he steps down.

Who knows whether Saban was ever really thinking about leaving Alabama for Texas? We may never really know. It’s possible he was just trying to get more money from Alabama and it’s also possible that he was intrigued by a new challenge in Texas.

If Brown does step down, it’s anyone’s guess as to who Texas will go after now. Those Jim Harbaugh rumors are ridiculous and I doubt they would want a guy like Greg Schiano, who’s also been linked to the ‘job’ in the recent past.

We’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out, but one big name is off the list of potential candidates to replace Mack Brown at Texas.


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