Mack Brown's Split from Texas is Perfect For Both Parties

By Michael Pidgeon

Well, all the speculation can come to an end, Mack Brown has officially stepped down as head coach at the University of Texas. Clearly, the tides were changing in Texas and Brown just wasn’t going to work out as head coach. Regardless of how this all transpired, Texas owes Mack the respect he deserves after all he’s given to the university. What happens from here is intriguing, but it’s what was best for both parties involved.

Although Brown only has one career National Championship, his resume and victory total speak for themselves and he very well could coach just about anywhere if he decided to. Although, if Brown decides to sail off into the sunset at this point of his life, then who is anyone to judge that and he can feel free to do so.

Now we know Nick Saban isn’t going to be taking over as Texas’ head coach due to his wealthy extension he signed to remain with Alabama, but I’m sure there are plenty of other coaches drooling over the possibility of being the newest head coach for the Longhorns. Considering Brown just made it official that he will be resigning, there haven’t been many names dropped outside of Saban regarding the possibilities of who could become the newest head coach for the Longhorns.

Whoever it is that Texas chooses will have huge shoes to fill. Don’t let Brown’s lack of championships fool you. What Brown accomplished at Texas is worthy of recognition. The Longhorns got their wish this evening, but where Texas goes from here no longer weighs on their former coach. The future of Texas always remains bright due to their credentials, but a bad head coaching hire can ruin all of that for many years. Texas, you better not screw this one up.

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