Ohio State's Braxton Miller Has A Tough Decision Ahead of Him

By Jenna Aquino
Andrew Weber – USA Today Sports

The Ohio State BuckeyesBraxton Miller said this week that he may be forgoing his senior season and heading to the NFL.

He has a tough decision ahead of him and he realizes that. Miller knows he has plenty to consider and plans on taking his time making a decision. The best decision would be for him to stay for his senior season and take another shot at the Heisman Trophy and a championship with the Buckeyes, but there are also some good reasons for him to leave for the NFL.

One thing that may sway Miller towards leaving is the risk of injury. If he stays at Ohio State and ends up getting hurt again it could lower his draft stock next season, whereas this season he has had a good season despite missing almost three games due to injury early in the year. His injury was a sprained MCL, which could lead to a torn ACL if he isn’t careful. Another thing that could make him decide to go to the NFL is the fact that Ohio State is losing four starting offensive linemen. Miller could spend next season evading sacks, risking injury in the pocket, and attempting to throw on the run. It could be difficult for him to show what he can do as a passer. Finally, if he decides to stay and his heart isn’t all the way in it, it could be a bad thing for him, the team, and his NFL draft stock. Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby is a perfect example of this. He talked about leaving for the NFL after last season but decided to return to the Buckeyes for the 2013 season, and it resulted in a slow start for him. That’s not to say this is the case is the same for every player because it’s not. Miller could be taking a risk leaving for the NFL too.

There are also plenty of reasons why he should stay at Ohio State for his senior season. Staying with the Buckeyes and improving his skills and draft stock is a good reason. Miller has improved as a passer while at Ohio State, but he is still not the best he can be. He could improve upon his accuracy and his command of the offense while attempting to pass more and run less. Establishing himself as more of a passer could boost him up to being a first-round pick in the NFL Draft after next season. Most importantly, he may want to stick around in order to help the Buckeyes win a national title. That is something they were hoping for this season but had their hopes dashed with a loss to the Michigan State Spartans in the Big Ten Championship game. A great, injury-free season next year would also give Miller a shot at the Heisman Trophy. Finally, Miller has said that his legacy means something to him too, and he wants to leave a good legacy at Ohio State so that people remember him for what he did for the school and the football program. A national championship, a Heisman Trophy, or both next season could help him leave an even better legacy.

This decision could mean the difference between Miller being a late-round and a first-round draft pick.

Should Miller stay for his senior season or should he go? It’s going to be a tough decision for him to make, but right now it seems to be a better decision for him to stay and improve as a passer, increase his draft stock, and leave a great legacy.

Miller will make his decision after the Buckeyes’ meeting with the Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl on January 3.

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