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Top 6 Players Ready To Step Up For Michigan State Spartans In 2014

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Top 6 Players Ready To Step Up For Michigan State In 2014

Michigan State Spartans Freshman Ready to Step In in 2014
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Head coach Mark Dantonio and his Michigan State Spartans had an amazing 2013 football season. The season was marked by many great achievements and very few disappointments. In fact, only one major let down stuck out throughout the season. That was the only loss that the Spartans suffered this year at the hands of the Norte Dame Fighting Irish in the Megaphone rivalry game. The Spartans lost the game by a slim margin of 13-17 at the hands of a team that competed for the National Championship less than a year ago.

Following that single loss, the Spartans went on to win their next nine football games. Michigan State's most recent win was by the closest of margins in a 10-point victory played in the Big Ten championship game. The game was played in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Indiana, the same state where the Spartans had their lone loss on the season. The Spartans were victorious over the Ohio State Buckeyes, their National Champion head coach Urban Meyer and Heisman candidate quarterback Braxton Miller.

The Spartans were known all season long for their dominance on the defensive side of the ball. The word dominance is often associated with experience. Experience is something that freshman football players are lacking. The Michigan State Spartans are not the exception to the rule. The Spartans utilized the skills of countless upperclassmen in 2013. They did however feature many freshman who contributed in 2013, and will be the future of the team. With young Spartans like these, the future looks bright for Michigan State.

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6. Jack Conklin

Jack Conklin
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Jack Conklin was one of the anchors of the Michigan State offensive line in 2013. This young man is expected to have awards in his future and will be a rock for the Spartans' offensive line. The Spartans will most likely be rushing the ball in the future, and Conklin can help create those running lanes. However, he is also capable of pass protecting for whoever the Spartans' quarterback may be in the future.

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5. Michael Geiger

Michael Geiger
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In 2013, the Spartans featured an All-American punter. They also have a freshman kicker in Geiger who should be a big part of the program for years to come. With a great defense and a rushing attack that focuses on ball control, a kicker can potentially win a lot of games for the Spartans.

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4. Josiah Price

Josiah Price
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The Spartans have once again found a very productive running back in Chris Langford. The Spartans must have a threat in the passing game to keep defenses honest. A quality tight end can serve two purposes as a threat to catch a pass or blocking. If Price develops as a pass catcher, the Spartans will not need to alter their offensive formations for passing downs, which could make them less predictable to their opponents.

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3. Riley Bullough

Riley Bullough
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Yes, Bullough is the younger brother of senior captain Max Bullough. He did see limited playing time in 2013 and was expected to contribute as a running back in what was thought to be a weak backfield at the beginning of the season. With a work ethic like his older brother, Bullough will undoubtedly find his role for the Spartans next season.

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2. Demetrious Cox

Demetrious Cox
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The defensive backfield for the Spartans has always been strong and possibly never more dominant than they were in this year’s Big Ten Championship game. Cox will have some big shoes to fill next year, but with a year under his belt, he should be more prepared for the responsibilities he must take on.

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1. Damien Terry

Damien Terry
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Though Connor Cook make the Michigan State job his in 2013, young quarterback Damien Terry definitely offers the Spartans a little bit of athleticism that opponents need to be aware of in the future.