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Top 8 Players Who Helped Indiana Hoosiers Improve In 2013

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Top 8 Players Who Helped Indiana Improve In 2013

The Indiana Hoosiers Use Young Talent to Improve in 2013
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The Indiana Hoosiers improved on a 4-8 record in 2012 with a 5-7 record in head coach Kevin Wilson’s third season with the squad. In fact, the Hoosiers have improved each season under Wilson’s guidance. The Hoosiers won one rivalry game this season, the trophy for the Old Oaken Bucket over the much-maligned Purdue Boilermakers, who are themselves in the process of rebuilding as well under first-year head coach Darrel Hazell. The Hoosiers also failed to win a trophy game for the Old Brass Spittoon against the eventual Big Ten Champions Michigan State Spartans.

The 2013 Hoosiers where one of many explosive offensive teams in the Big Ten in 2013. The Hoosiers were not shut out in 2013 and only had two poor offensive turnouts. Both of those games were at the end of the season against two very tough defenses in Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes and Gary Anderson's Wisconsin Badgers. The Hoosiers were only able to muster three points on the road in Madison, Wisconsin and were only able to put 14 points on the scoreboard in Columbus, Ohio.

The Hoosiers can be proud of the great improvements they have seen in there program over the past three seasons, but there is still work to be done. With the culmination of a season, one must look at the bright points. Perhaps in the not-so-distant future, some of the stars who helped the team improve in 2013 may help lead the Hoosiers to a bowl game.

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8. Jacob Bailey

Jacob Bailey
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Jacob Bailey will be a huge contributor for the Hoosiers in the years to come as they continue to try and establish themselves as a powerhouse offense in the Big Ten.

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7. Ralphael Green

Ralphael Green
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This big interior defensive lineman saw a good deal of playing time in 2013, and the experience that he got will prove to be very instrumental in his development in the years to come.

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6. Darius Latham

Darius Latham
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Latham plays alongside Green on the interior of the Hoosiers' defensive line. These two will be great run-stuffers in the Big Ten.

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5. Clyde Newton

Clyde Newton
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Clyde Newton is one of three linebackers who made this list for the Hoosiers. Newton has good size and range that can help the aspiring Hoosiers defense.

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4. Marcus Oliver

Marcus Oliver
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Another linebacker for the Hoosiers who brings a full tool box to work every day, Oliver can be effective against the run and the pass.

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3. Wes Rogers

Wes Rogers
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Rogers, along with Bailey, will be responsible for keeping Hoosiers quarterbacks upright for years to come. Rogers will build an even closer relationship with the signal callers as he will most likely continue to play at center.

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2. T.J. Simmons

T.J. Simmons
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Simmons is the third linebacker to make the list. If the trio of Simmons, Oliver and Newton continue to play together, they could really raise the play of the Hoosiers quickly.

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1. Antonio Allen

Antonio Allen
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Allen is the lone exception on Indiana’s list of key contributors who is not often found in the trenches. Allen is a defensive back who will be looked to as a key contributor in the secondary for years to come.