Barry Switzer Correct in Criticism of Oklahoma Sooners Recruiting

By Connor Muldowney
Barry Switzer
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Playing in the Allstate Sugar Bowl is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, making it to a BCS bowl is one of the most prestigious and envied happenings in the sport of college football. The Oklahoma Sooners will be playing in this year’s Sugar Bowl against the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide, but legendary head coach Barry Switzer thinks that Oklahoma should be faring much better than a two-loss season.

What does the former head coach and three-time national champion think is holding this team back from national title prominence once again? Recruiting, of course. Current head coach Bob Stoops has had a tough time in the past few years, according to Switzer.

“They’re going to have to recruit better players than they have,” Switzer said. “They haven’t had very good recruiting the past few seasons; they haven’t possessed the physicality that some other teams have like the SEC has. Obviously, that’s where [Stoops] needs to tremendously improve.”

As one of the most storied programs in college football history, the Sooners need to get back to the winning ways like when Switzer was head coach. Although Oklahoma is consistently one of the top-20 recruiting classes in the nation, they have had a hard time getting those big names and developing talent.

“It’s talent, recruiting and it’s being able to get better players,” Switzer claimed. “When you have the quarterback, that’s key. He’s the best player on the team.”

Going forward, Switzer would look elsewhere for quarterback, getting back to the whole recruiting better players comment. He just doesn’t think quarterbacks Blake Bell nor Trevor Knight can lead this team to the promised land. Not having signed a five-star recruit in quite some time is starting to show on Stoops’ record as he hasn’t won a national title since 2011.

As for the Sooners’ draw in the Sugar Bowl, Switzer admits that Stoops’ team received the unluckiest of draws. Although he is close with Stoops, Switzer isn’t afraid to tell his friend that his team needs some work.

Speaking of the Allstate Sugar Bowl, Switzer has partnered with Allstate and has been giving away pairs of tickets to the big game on Jan. 2 in New Orleans, La. Fans can register at the Sooner Mall for a chance to see Sooners battle the Crimson Tide, courtesy of Allstate.

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