Jose Canseco Pitches Texas AD Steve Patterson on Football Coaching Job

By Kris Hughes
Brendan Maloney – USA TODAY SPORTS

Texas Longhorns athletic director Steve Patterson is certainly in the midst of evaluating a variety of potential candidates for the head football coaching job recently vacated with the resignation of Mack Brown on Saturday.

These candidates are all great football guys with stellar reputations and backgrounds, not former steroid-using power hitters with an odd affectation for goats. One such applicant has made his availability known today on Twitter:

He knows football better than baseball. Comforting:

He has a plan, here it comes:

He knows what to do with the weak lines. Awesome:

I mean, isn’t it obvious Texas should be in the SEC?:

David Ash and Case McCoy would be interested to know they were 5’9″:

Hire the Baylor “recruiting coach”. Not sure who he’s referring to:

Not sure that Bevo needs the help of Jose’s goats. He’s doing fine:

It’s always good to have some comedic relief in the middle of one of the most important decisions in the past few decades of Texas Longhorns sports. If Steve Patterson happens to check his Twitter account very often — and who knows for sure if he does or not — let’s hope he gets a brief laugh from Jose’s tweets.

I’m sure he could use one given the last 72 hours.

Jose, keep your goats. Texas, and Bevo, will be fine without them.


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