Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien: Should Not Pursue NFL Offers

By Phil Naegely
Bill O'Brien
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Earlier Saturday afternoon, reports surfaced stating that Penn State HC Bill O’Brien is the favorite for the Houston Texans head coaching vacancy. In addition, both parties were meeting to hash out contract details. However, if O’Brien is true to his word and wants to show he was truly committed to the Nittany Lions programs than he would be wise to say no to all NFL coaching offers.

Last year, O’Brien convinced his players to stick it out their the NCAA sanctions that included a four-year bowl ban, which has now been reduced to three years. For O’Brien to keep his respect from Penn St. fans, players, and others, he needs to do the same. He has become a role model to many of his players and he kept keep together a struggling university during the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

If O’Brien leaves Happy Valley, it will look like he is chasing money over keeping his word. Last year, he said didn’t make the jump to the NFL despite interest from a few clubs. This time around he needs to do the same. For what it is worth, Chris Mortenson of ESPN reports that a top Penn St. recruit was told by O’Brien that the head coach would be remaining. For Nittany Lions’ football players sake, I hope O’Brien told the truth to the recruit.

However, actions speak louder than words. For O’Brien, his actions and words need to line up. If they do not, the football team, especially those who remain because O’Brien said he was, will feel blindsided by O’Brien’s moves.

Heed my advice, Coach O’Brien. You earned the trust and respect of your players, and it’s time that you stick it out with them just as the players did for you last year. If you do not, the backlash will ensue from the Penn St. community and around the country. However, if you can take the backlash and live with not keeping your word to your collegiate athletes, then have fun as a NFL coach.

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Houston Texans Rumors: Bill O’Brien The Favorite To Fill Head Coach Vacancy?


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