Michigan State Spartans Will Take the Battlefield Without Their Heroic Leader

By josephsmith
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan State Spartans taking the field in the Rose Bowl without their senior middle linebacker Max Bullough seems an inconceivable possibility.  Also nearly as unimaginable is the ancient Spartans of Thermopylae standing at the Hot Gates without their leader, the brave Leonidas.  Like Leonidas, Bullough comes from a long line of Spartans. Max’s father and grandfather suited up for Michigan State and currently his younger brother is a redshirt freshman.  Sound a bit dramatic?  Well for Michigan State football fans it is not that farfetched of a comparison as Max Bullough has been the go-to man for the greatest defense in all of college football this season.

In the 2014 version of this tale the role of Xerxes will be played by Stanford Cardinal head coach David Shaw and his immortal warriors would be his Cardinal football team, including quarterback Kevin Hogan and running back Tyler Gaffney.  The game may be one for the ages, but if the Cardinals win or the game is in any form a letdown, the lack of the heroic Spartan leader will always create aura dissension or question about what may have been if Max Bullough had been eligible to play.

The reason for Bullough’s early dismissal from the team is completely unknown to the public at this time.  All rumors are exactly that…. Rumors.  This is a true reflection of the type of program that Spartans Head Coach Mark Dantonio likes to operate.  Everything has been clutched very tightly to the chest and no one will leak any information.  None of the players, staff or administration have mentioned a word as to what Bullough may have done to receive his early discharge from the program.  In fact, even Bullough and his family, who may be disgruntled presently because of the adverse effect this suspension will have on the senior inside linebacker’s draft status, have remained absolutely silent regarding the suspension.

In what may be a bit of a shocker to fans around the country, most of the fans in East Lasing are backing the decision of their coach.  Many are saying this decision is a true reflection of Dantonio’s character.  The fact that he sticks to his morals as his team prepares for the biggest game it has taken part in decades, is very commendable.

Still, others cannot help but speculate about what Bullough must have done to fall from Dantonio’s graces so rapidly.  In fact, many are saying that it is unfortunate and that the infraction must be so egregious that Dantonio had little or no decision to make, in regards to the situation, citing the fact that the incident may be so egregious that he could do nothing but what he did.  In the Big Ten, following the scandal that took place at Ohio State regarding the favors that players were receiving, Spartan fans are surely hoping and praying that Bullough was not taking part in something that could create further problems for the program in the future.

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