Penn State Rumors: Nittany Lions Offer Al Golden Job, Would Ensure Smooth Transition

al golden

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This week former Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien was introduced by the Houston Texans as their new head coach. With the vacancy, there are now many rumors swirling around about a potential replacement at Happy Valley. One of those on the list is alumnus Al Golden. There have been numerous reports stating that Golden was heading up to the campus for an interview, and just recently that the university has extended an offer to him.

As Joe Schad pointed out via Twitter, the support to hire Golden seems to be growing in Penn St. circles.

— Joe Schad (@schadjoe) January 3, 2014

As stated above, Golden could be interviewing with the school today. Like O’Brien, Golden understands the Penn St. way and their value of both academics and athletics. Because of this, the school’s football team should not experience a drop in excellence on or off the field.

Late Friday, CaneSport reported that Golden has been offered the job, and is expected to take the position.

Nonetheless, this decision seems like a no-brainier for both Golden and the school, alike. Golden would return back to Happy Valley and have the honor and responsibility of coaching his alma mater. For Penn St., they would have a coach whose familiar with the university. Likewise, Golden turned around a dismal Temple program before moving on to Miami.

All signs are pointing to Golden and Penn St. reuniting. This is nothing but good news for the fans, players and the university as a whole.

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  • rockytop18

    Please leave Al golden. Thanks for what you have done at miami but after all of this we all know you arent our guy we are looking for we arent a stepping stone job to anyone. If you do stay after all of this specualation about this you wont be respected the same way anymore. BTW please take worthless Mark D’onofrio with you. Which is just another reason to go, because at miami we wont be satisfied with him as DC anymore and we all know you are doing everything you can to avoid firing him. Atleast from me and several other hurricane fans the only thing we want you for is the top 5 recruiting class. But like i said earlier please leave there are better candidated than Al Golden out there.

    • Phil Naegely

      From a Miami standpoint, I think I agree with you. For Penn St and Al Golden, this is a dream come true. Would you agree with that?

      • rockytop18

        i completely agree with that. Its his dream job, hes had some success at miami recruting in the NJ area so i feel like he could do way better at penn st. A lot of people think hes going to bring his recruiting class from miami to psu but thats not happening if they de commit from miami it will be for florida or fsu. Golden knows if he ever wants this job its now or never. Regardless of the ncaa sanctions its nothing new for him i think he knows hes got 2 tough years ahead of him then it is probably smooth sailing from there

  • Farva55

    Penn State could do WAY better than Al Golden.