Red Cross Oklahoma Trolls University of Alabama Perfectly on Twitter After Sugar Bowl Loss

By Phil Naegely
Chuck Cook-USA Today Sports

Coming into the 2014 Sugar Bowl, the Alabama Crimson Tide were clear favorites to beat the Oklahoma Sooners. However, Oklahoma prevailed and defeated last year’s national champions 45-31 in an offensive shootout. Post-game Red Cross Oklahoma perfectly trolled Alabama fans on twitter after their unexpected loss.

When I first saw this, I didn’t expect to see this from a Red Cross account. People the Red Cross deals with and Alabama fans share something: They didn’t expect to lose something valuable. I understand losing a home, valuables, or other belongings is more of a loss than seeing your team in the Sugar Bowl or another game, but some people take football more serious than their families or belongings. It’s sad, but there are people like that.

The initial shock on twitter had reactions varying from “This is well-played” to “Is this appropriate.” A few moments later Read Cross Oklahoma tweeted again.

As the Red Cross tweeted, it was done jokingly. It’s evident that the Red Cross has a sense of humor and understands that trash talking can be fun. At the same time, they will be there in a time of need as well.

Sports should not always be serious and there’s room for joking, trash talking, and fun. On Thursday night an unlikely source, Red Cross Oklahoma’s twitter account, showed us how to do so.

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