AJ McCarron’s Mom, Dee Dee Bonner, Quickly Deletes Offensive Tweet About Jameis Winston

(Dee Dee Bonner Twitter)

In what could not have been more of a perfect ending in the BCS era, Jimbo Fisher and Florida State pulled off an exciting 34-31 win over Auburn to win the BCS title–which is pretty impressive considering they were down 18 at one point in the second half. Jameis Winston will be quite the popular topic for the next couple of months after the Heisman Trophy winner threw for 237 yards to go along with two touchdowns, but he may also be the popular talk this week after an interesting message appeared on Twitter from the mother of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, Dee Dee Bonner.

One of the most dangerous things about using Twitter is saying something you may regret later and unfortunately for AJ’s mother–that seems to be exactly what happened shortly after Monday’s game came to an end. Winston was quite the joke of social media during his post-game interviews as many football fans discussed on Twitter how difficult it was to understand what the quarterback was saying at times–which led to a somewhat interesting tweet from Dee Dee.

(PichieRalmer Twitter)

While Dee Dee quickly deleted the message shortly after it was posted, she apparently didn’t get it down quick enough before others could take a screen shot of what she said. While she may not have meant it to be offensive, it sure comes off that way–which means she will most likely be quite the popular headline on Tuesday morning.

Even when McCarron isn’t playing in the National Championship–he still finds a way to make headlines on the biggest night of college football thanks to his mother.

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  • soapscum5

    What a witch. Bitter, maybe?

  • Chris Davis

    Soap. Jameis was difficult to follow and the Defensive MVP…wow. I completely understand her viewpoint. Why are people so sensitive these days? Geez, what happened to free speech?

    • Marshall

      What do you mean what happened to free speech? Did she get arrested? Has she had any civil liberties taken away? No, but she’s been called out and criticized, which is not in violation of free speech. In fact, that’s everyone else exercising the right to voice their own opinion.

  • thabe331

    She’s from alabama why is this surprising?

  • True School Nigga

    Another racist from alabama. If this was the 50′s she’d be one of those white dames lying saying she got raped when it turns out she was really just a loose skank.

    • BJ Mendoza

      I’m confused as to where she mentioned anything about race.

      • True School Nigga

        Why delete it? I bet she was saying “why’s this n-word tlaking like this?”

        • BJ Mendoza

          Because over-sensitive racists like you are the ones that make it about race and make themselves offended by it.

          • True School Nigga

            Not offended If you feel that way say it and own it don’t delete it. It shows that she is fake. Then to say “i’m not racist I love niggers” don’t help.

  • Kristen

    While Jameis Winston could improve on public speaking, there are many athletes who make that list, and race isn’t always a factor for that. I think she didn’t think about what she said when she tweeted that, and it was not like she was the only person on twitter being critical of his post game interview. Her way of going about it was wrong, and I’m sure she is waking up to learn that. Hopefully she’ll learn from her mistakes.

    • thabe331

      Including all the alabama players

    • True School Nigga

      He is/was 19 he has a strong southern accent. If she was really concerned with it. why not have some class and reach out to him privately in a way that showed some class.

    • Common Sense

      She won’t… neither did her BFF Katherine who decided to lie her way out of her part of it.

  • Bob Carper

    ib all good cuz

  • JackCuntsler

    Many blacks struggle with basic English grammar and pronunciation. Why do we chastise someone for pointing it out instead of discussing the issue?

    • Tallaman

      Point well made. Dee Dee has a good point and I don’t believe she’s being racist. I am a fan but I had a hard time understanding him too. I hope he takes advantage of his time in college speech classes and I hope he is able to influence young men looking up to him to pay attention to communication skills.

  • D.B

    She was just mad because this young man showed her why he won the heismen in the last 1:19 left in the game.

  • SaintsMeachum

    You do realize that it’s only a headline because you made an article on it, right?

  • Common Sense

    Thank you Dee Dee Kent McCarron Bonner McCarron (back to previous married name because NFL) for showing the world your ugly bitterness & disgusting hypocrisy. She may not be racist but she is infamous for attacking people on Twitter who even constructively or professionally critique AJ.

    She promotes herself as a charitable soul who loves children yet has never, not once, tried to promote the efforts to find her brother Dustin Kent’s niece, Brittney Wood. She vanished without a trace almost two years ago from his neighborhood even before he was arrested the first time.

    Dee Dee knew Brittney and has never even so much as sent a RT about her. Nor has she spoken out against her brother’s multiple charges of r@pe & inc3st of multiple children under 12 (large family ped0 ring). She has never distanced herself from her parents who housed him & are likely the “mysterious” benefactor paying for his very expensive private attorney… unless the longterm coverup goes into even deeper pockets.

    A note to Dee Dee – your brother goes back to court again in Baldwin County on Friday for five of his numerous indictments, correct? Hope that karma bus keeps on rolling through the charges in Mobile County!

    I also hope you find some of that integrity you always preach about and finally try to do some good for the child victims in your own family. MPD, MCSO & KlaasKIDS are still looking for Brittney’s body in Dustin’s old neighborhood – your dad still owns the trailer, right? Maybe you can use that as an opportunity.

  • Mark

    Dee Dee should be more embarrassed by the dirty little secret for what her brother Dustin Kent has been arrested for. Now that’s shocking.


  • Mark
  • Lourdes Lonchenge

    These 2 are publicity, low class whores. Neither has ever had anything in their lives. Mccarron’s mom comes from a family of child sex offenders, rapists, MURDERERS. This includes her own brother. Google it if you don’t know the story.

    • Kristen

      I just want to ask if that’s a reason to be so critical. If anything that is a reason to reach out to her. It doesn’t excuse her behavior by any means, but you should never attack someone because they grew up in a family they did not choose.