Tim Tebow: Sports Analyst Impresses in Television Debut, Shows ESPN Made Wise Choice

By Phil Naegely
tim tebow
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA Today Sports

On Monday, ESPN ran non-stop coverage across its four channels — ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, and ESPN U — ahead of and during the final BCS Championship Game featuring Florida State and Auburn. While the Seminoles struggled in the first half, they came back and defeated the Tigers. As part of the coverage, ESPN’s newest hire Tim Tebow impressed viewers in his television debut.

Tebow was understandably nervous in his first appearance as an analyst. Sure he is used to cameras following his every football move, but this time he had to talk the entire time. Even with his nervousness, Tebow brought sound analysis of both teams and different Auburn and Florida State players. In addition to bringing valuable information on air, he did his homework ahead of time. This should come as no surprise, because he is used to preparing and watching film ahead of a game. The only thing that changes now is that he isn’t playing. Tebow will still be scouting and reading up on offenses and defenses, but he will be doing it for the viewers rather than for a team’s success.

Tebow was interesting in his debut performance. Some people didn’t think Tebow would contribute much and his lack of contribution would bore viewers. However, this was not the case, and Tebow’s tenure with ESPN along with his coverage on SEC Network look to be interesting and correct decisions.

Overall, Tebow’s television debut hit the ball out of the park. As we head deeper into 2014 and eventually turn the corner for the 2014 college football season, Tebow’s analysis and expertise will be one of the many stories to follow. While many thought ESPN only hired Tebow because they love him, Tebow proved his haters wrong in his television debut by rising to the occasion and being an asset to ESPN’s BCS coverage.

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