Lane Kiffin: Alabama Hired Sorry Excuse For Offensive Coordinator

By Connor Muldowney
Lane Kiffin
Matt Kartozian – USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin just won’t stay out of the news anymore. Being fired from the USC Trojans head coaching job mid-season in 2013 should have been enough to make people forget him even faster, but just when we think he’s out of out heads, he creeps his way back in by getting hired by the Alabama Crimson Tide — of all teams — as the team’s offensive coordinator.

Kiffin was fired after a 3-2 start in 2013 with the Trojans and many people thought he would stay out of football for a little while until he found a smaller head coaching gig or just a gig with a program with lesser history than a school like USC.

Not many people thought he would end up on the same sideline as Nick Saban and one of the best teams in the nation the next season.

Kiffin was just hired as the team’s offensive coordinator and it looks like he may be the only option Alabama had after Doug Nussmeier left the Crimson Tide for the Michigan Wolverines OC job. He must have been the only solid option left, because there’s no reason as to why a prestigious program such as Alabama would settle on such an incompetent former head coach.

While manu people think Kiffin’s offensive mind will be perfect for Saban’s team, he might just be there as a popular name to draw attention to the program. In my opinion, Alabama missed the target on this one as there had to have been a better choice than a guy who lost control of his team after a few games to get fired in the middle of the season.

Maybe Kiffin will prove me wrong, but with no AJ McCarron next season, it will be interesting.

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