What Does Future Hold At I-Back For Nebraska Cornhuskers?

By josephsmith
Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

By choosing to return to the school in 2014, Ameer Abdullah answered the prayers of many Nebraskans. Since the Nebraska Cornhuskers star can’t hold off the call of the NFL in 2015, head coach Bo Pelini, offensive coordinator Tim Beck and running backs coach Ron Brown had better make the most out of their fortunate situation in 2014 because Big Red fans will be looking for a new focal point for their offense after the coming season.

Whom that young man may be has yet to be established as the Huskers have this season and the next to sign recruits or acquire new transfers. Or perhaps, the next RB-in-waiting is currently already a member of the Huskers football team.

Currently, the Huskers have seven running backs on their roster who will be expected to compete for carries other than Abdullah. On top of the I-backs, there are three returning fullbacks. The I-back position is expected to be reduced by one very soon as King Frazier has decided to take his talents to North Dakota State. It has been reported that Frazier was simply in search of more playing time and found himself lower on the depth chart than he had hoped to be.

Some may feel that the freshman acted too quickly, but the truth is that the amount of talent that the Huskers are amassing at running back is great. Nebraska has have remained very young at the position, which is a reflection of very good coaching and planning by the recruiting coordinators. When you have an outstanding back like Abdullah, it is wise to build up young talent behind him so that there are multiple options when your star running back is ready to move on.

Huskers Nation should pay close attention to Abdullah’s backup’s in 2014. The next great rusher is most likely on the roster now, but has yet to show himself early in his career like Abdullah was able to.

Huskers fans have seen a great running back show himself in the past, including when the Cornhuskers were ready to part ways with then junior I-back Lawrance Phillips. Along came a standout Nebraska native in Ahman Green (Omaha, Nebraska). Perhaps the next Green will show himself in 2014 as Nebraska currently has two running backs from Omaha.

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