Will Brian Ferentz Ever Return To Iowa?

By josephsmith
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Iowa Hawkeyes are still recovering from a hard-fought bowl game which they lost to one of the SEC‘s premier teams, the LSU Tigers. A close loss was not how the Hawkeyes had hoped to begin 2014, nor was it how they had hoped they would be sending out a great group of senior football players.

But with the 2013 football season behind them, it is definitely time for head coach Kirk Ferentz and his diligent staff to take on the next task at hand — finishing up the long and arduous task of recruiting.

Usually, the team’s top recruiter is given the task of securing a quality quarterback. For Iowa, this job has usually gone to Kirk Ferentz’s son Brian Ferentz , who is the Hawkeyes’ offensive line coach. Kirk Ferentz spent is playing days as a Hawkeyes under the tutelage of his father before beginning his coaching career under legendary NFL coach Bill Belichick. 

Since returning to Iowa, the younger Ferentz has proved to be one of his father’s most trusted coaches.

Unfortunately for the Hawkeyes, the man that has been building recruitment relationships in the Ohio and surrounding region will now be leaving the program. Yes, Kirk Ferentz will be once again departing Iowa City. He’d previously done so for an opportunity with the New England Patriots, and this time it will be for an opportunity with the Houston Texans

In Houston, Ferentz will be allying himself with Bill O’Brien as the offensive line coach. O’Brien and Ferentz coached together in New England.

This departure can be viewed in multiple ways. It has been assumed by some that Kirk Ferentz was always keeping the seat warm in Iowa City for his son. The younger Ferentz wouldn’t have assumed the throne by bloodline, alone and was given the opportunity to learn and coach under his father. Still, the fact that Kirk had multiple opportunities to move on as a coach and chose not to do so presented a bit of a questionable situation.

By leaving, Brian is doing himself and his father a disservice in the immediate future. However, if the intentions are truly to have Brian Ferentz succeed his father, this may prove to be a very wise and timely decision. In the NFL, Ferentz will be given an opportunity to learn alongside some of the greatest minds in the business and develop his coaching skills.

Perhaps more offensive responsibilities will be given to Ferentz in this stint in the NFL and if he finds success, a promotion could be in the horizon. If he is able to successfully distance himself from his father for the remainder of Kirk Ferentz’s years as the head coach in Iowa City, Brian Ferentz will be more likely to become the next Hawkeyes head coach.

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