Nebraska Cornhuskers' Defensive Line Receives Another Devastating Blow

By josephsmith
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The future of the Nebraska Cornhusker football program is currently in a state of dismay as they reel from the disappointment of losing a second commitment from their recruiting class.  The Blackshirt defensive coaches were in the process of recruiting a potentially very powerful and impactful defensive line class.  With the long history of great success at the position for the Huskers it looked like a potential partial return to glory years where defensive players held their forearms up creating a menacing X representing the skull and crossbones that are associated with Blackshirt flags that fill Memorial Stadium on Saturdays.  The Blackshirt defense has a dominant, brutal, take-no-prisoner approach to defense, and if Bo Pelini could get a defensive line that would take no prisoners he would most likely have set himself on the path of establishing his own legacy at Nebraska.

Recently the Huskers were stunned when New Jersey native Darius Slade chose to withdraw his commitment from Nebraska and take his talents to East Lansing joining forces with Big Ten foes Mark Dantonio, Pat Narduzzi and their dominant Michigan State defense.  The blow hurt Husker fans because they used to be a huge recruiting presence in New Jersey and successfully recruited brothers Christian and Jason Peters from the state.  Both went on to be national champions and have NFL careers.  Slade’s choice of Michigan State seemed to be questionable, but with the recent dominance of the Michigan State defense the choice to play for Dantonio and Narduzzi is somewhat understandable.

Now the Huskers have been dealt an arguably more demoralizing blow when they found out that another defensive linemen had chosen to withdraw his name from the pool of future Huskers.  Junior college transfer Terrell Clinkscales was once expected to be one of the top incoming players from this season’s recruiting class.  After the success of junior college transfer Randy Gregory this season, members of Husker Nation were prematurely predicting great things from Clinkscales.

Clinkscales’ decision seems a bit more confusing to many Husker fans.  Yes, Clinkscales has decided to play his college football in Manhattan at Kansas State for Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder. Geographically he will be located much closer to home, but the fact still remains that Manhattan is not that far from Lincoln, Nebraska. Also Slade’s decision seemed to be an upgrade in programs with the recent success that the Spartans have had.  Clinkscales’ decision is lateral to say the least.  In all actuality most people would view playing for K-State as a bit of a downgrade from playing for the Huskers when considering national media attention and conference alignment.

Curiosity about the decision to play for the Wildcats over the Huskers is further raised as a result of recent postings by Clinkscales on his twitter account in which he instructed Husker fans to blame the Coaches at Nebraska for his decision to reconsider his allegiance.  Also Clinkscales has often been a very friendly correspondent with Husker football media members, but he has recently cut off all communications with Nebraska football reporters.  Nebraska Football fans are undoubtedly hopeful this is not another coaching scandal in the making.

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