Nebraska Cornhuskers' New Defensive Backs Coach Brings Discipline

By josephsmith
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers take their football very serious.  Quite frankly the grain markets and weather are reoccurring topics of discussion in the state, but they are always secondary to talk about the state’s favorite pastime: Nebraska Football.  If fans take their football serious it is absolutely assumed that every player on the team and every member on the staff place an equal importance on their team as well.  In fact one could go as far as to say anyone with any loose relationship to the team has an assumed responsibility to the fans and the state.  That’s right — whomever is changing light bulbs in the locker room had better be on time and on top of their game every day when he or she reports to work.

At the top of this hierarchy is of course the Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini.  Pelini does answer to the athletic director Shawn Eichorst and University of Nebraska Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Pearlman, but other than these two men he is responsible for holding everyone else correlated with the program accountable for their assigned task.  Does this sound like a lot of pressure?  You bet.

One of Pelini’s tasks each season is filling a roster and also filling any vacancies left in his coaching staff.  For 2014, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will have a new coach on their roster as defensive backs coach Terry Joseph has parted ways with the Huskers and left for warmer weather in the south. Joseph will be taking a job in the SEC at Texas A&M.

Pelini has found a man to fill the vacancy.  Charlton Warren is the former secondary coordinator and defensive coordinator at Air Force.  Warren may come into a bit of a difficult situation as Joseph was one of the top recruiters for the Huskers in the southern region.  With Pelini’s history as a specialist in defensive secondary scheming you can bet Warren will have a close eye on his every move during his initial weeks and months in Lincoln.  Some of the pressure that is put on Pelini will be immediately transferred onto the seemingly capable shoulders of Warren.

Warren cut his teeth coaching and recruiting in a program that is much different from the program that he will now be joining.   At Air Force recruiting was an entirely different ball game.  The Air Force coaching staff had a much smaller pool to choose from when recruiting their players.  The recruiting process for a military academy forced the Air Force recruiters to target football players who fell within the parameters outlined by the Air Force Academy.  Those parameters included to but were not exclusive to personal character, academics and sometimes overall size of the individual.  As Warren transitions into his career in Lincoln he will have a much broader pool from which to target individuals to recruit.  Warren may also find that the discipline of players outside of the Academy differs from that of players who are in the process of beginning a military career.  But if Warren is able to impose some of those personal disciplinary habits on his defensive players it could mean great things for the blackshirts.

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