Florida State Commit's Little Brother Wears Shirt Dissing Miami

By Andrew Fisher
Florida State
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With National Signing Day comes a lot of happy college football fans and a lot of disappointed college football fans. When top players make their choices, there are equal amounts of joy and pain. But usually the drama ends at the player’s decision. In the case of Florida State recruit Jacob Pugh, his little brother decided to pour a little salt into the wounds of Miami fans.

Check out this photo from Twitter:

Jacob Pugh

Is he really aware of the statement he’s making with this shirt?

I’m sure Pugh’s little brother knows what statement he’s making here, but obviously an adult contributed to him wearing it. Was it Pugh himself? There’s no word at this time.

But all in all, who cares? The shirt is funny and it’s made extra funny by the fact that a kid is wearing it. Is the shirt classy? Absolutely not. But in the scheme of things, this is no big deal. Miami has had its fair share of big recruits over the years and this certainly isn’t the first time they’ve lost a player to FSU.

When it comes to FSU, their chances of winning back-to-back national titles seem pretty good in 2014. In some regards they cruised to the national title game this past season, and they’ll likely be favored to win the ACC and earn themselves a spot in the new college football playoff. So when it comes down to it, the Seminoles will be tasked with winning an extra game in the 2014 season to make it back to the mountain top.


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