Texas A&M Classy in Decision To Honor Scholarship of Player With Career-Ending Injury

By Andrew Fisher
Texas A&M
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National signing day unfortunately didn’t turn out like Cedric Collins had planned. He committed to Texas A&M before his junior year of high school back in 2012, which turned out to be his final year in football. During that season Collins was hit during the playoffs and he experienced numbness in his legs. Then after more investigation it was discovered that the defensive back had congenital cervical abnormalities. From that moment on, playing football wasn’t an option.

So here we are today on what was supposed to be his official start with the Aggies and Collins is left knowing that he’ll never play a down. However, he’s still partaking in the normal practices of signing day like getting his picture taken while wearing A&M gear. But on top of that, the school has made the very classy decision to honor his athletic scholarship. That’s right, even though he’ll never step on the football field in College Station, he’ll still have his school completely paid for.

You just can’t say enough about how good of gesture that is, especially when you consider what it means to Collins. His life was altered forever back in 2012 and his dreams were shattered. While this isn’t want he envisioned for himself, he’s still being given a great opportunity to get a top notch education for free. To me, that’s one heck of a consolation prize.

In case you’re wondering, the school will file an exemption for Collins so he does not count against the football team’s scholarship count. So it’s a win all around.


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