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The 10 Types of Fans You Meet at an SEC Football Game

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10 Types of Fans You See at an SEC Football Game

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Growing up in the south it doesn’t matter what sport you played, which sport was your favorite or if you even liked sports; SEC Football somehow found a way into your life. SEC football isn’t just a game; it’s a way of life for many in the southeastern United States.

One thing that separates SEC football from the rest of the college football world -- aside from being better than all other conferences -- is the fans. SEC fans are some of the best and most loyal fanbases in America and possibly in the world when looking at any sport that isn’t soccer.

Perhaps the greatest example of the insanity of SEC football that I can think of is that I once woke up on game day to take the LSAT. When I left the building drained from the horror that is that test, a Georgia Bulldogs' fan was in a fetal position, drunk, crying and in the middle of the street. The game didn’t start for three more hours. You wouldn’t find that in the Big 10 or the WCC.

Look at the Missouri Tigers and the Texas A&M Aggies. Did anyone notice their fanbases outside the Big 12 before they joined the SEC? Did anyone hear about crazed fan antics before they joined the SEC? The answer is no. Once the Tigers and Aggies joined the SEC, their fans went from normal college football crazy to certified SEC insane.

They say SEC Football is a way of life, but I think it’s more than that. SEC Football is a culture unlike anything found in any other sport in America, and a major part of that is how crazy every single fanbase is. Here is a list of the ten types of fans that you can see at an SEC game, and, just to make this more interesting, if you have any crazy SEC fan stories feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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10. What's Going On?

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There’s always that one friend who comes with a huge group of people that has no idea what’s going on during the football game. We love the support but hate to be the person they have to ask all the questions to. Fans like this say things like: “Can he do that?” “Why did he throw a flag?” and “That’s a technical foul!”

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9. The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

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There are always the most random fans in random jerseys at SEC football games. Whether it’s an Auburn fan at a Tennessee vs. Alabama game or a South Carolina fan at a Florida vs. Georgia game, they will pretend to be your friend as long as you aren’t playing them.

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8. I Went Here

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One of the most friendly types of fans, you can’t go to an SEC football game without seeing alumnus of every shape and size. Whether they graduated back in 2013 or 1913, you can find them supporting the grand university from which they graduated. Okay, there aren’t 100-year-olds there, but you get my point.

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7. I Go Here

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It can’t be a college football game without insane college students. You’d be crazy, too, if you had six exams, three papers and four hours of sleep leading up to every weekend. Trust me, I know. I am one. I’m writing this on seven cups of coffee and a Red Bull.

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6. NFL Scout

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Watch out for these fans at SEC games. They don’t support either team but focus on what players will be at the next level. They say things like: “He’s running over these defenders, but wait until he’s up against Clay Matthews and JJ Watt.” They also talk about obscure variables that transition well to the NFL.

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5. Why Can't We Be Friends

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There’s always a fan or two wearing the same jersey as the away team that wants to be nice and get along. No, cut that out. If security wouldn’t ban us from our home stadium and possibly arrest us, we would have already pushed you down the bleachers a long time ago.

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4. Heckler

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What would an SEC team be without hecklers? From chants such as “Nick Saban uses a Shake Weight” to boos directed at anyone not wearing the same jersey, hecklers are essential to the atmosphere of any SEC game. Be warned; heckling may lead to getting beat up and put on YouTube.

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3. History Professor

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The “History Professor” is a special type of fan who focuses mostly on the history of their football program. They bask in the glory of the old days or what their team did the previous season when they are losing, and when they are winning all that matters is what a team does this season. No one cares if your team went 13-0 back in 1492; shut up and watch the game.

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2. Drunk

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There are always drunks at SEC football games. They fight, they cuss at little kids but most importantly they cheer on their team. The higher the lead, the higher the blood alcohol content. Many of the other types of fans are also this type of fan.

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1. Head Coach

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The No. 1 spot on the list has to be reserved for the most annoying type of SEC football fan in existence, the wannabe head coach. They think they understand every play, they break down the game, they bash every coaching decision and, if they happen to get one play call right, will avidly attempt to get high fives from everyone around them and say, “Did you see? I called that.”