Nebraska Football: Bo Pelini Parody Lending Cornhuskers Coach A Helping Hand

By Brandon Cavanaugh
Bo Pelini FauxPelini
Eric Francis – Getty Images

Suffice it to say that Bo Pelini has had a very eventful start to 2014, even if it isn’t really him. College football coaches have taken to Twitter, finding excellent success in maintaining communication with prospects and interacting with fans. Unfortunately, many head coach parody accounts are less than flattering.

Then there’s FauxPelini.

Nebraska‘s fiery head coach is well-known for his sideline demeanor, but what’s helped yank Pelini into a world more beneficial and one he’s seemed to have avoided is a single parody account sporting his mug and proclaiming his love of cats. The man behind the parody account was tweeted at by the Cornhuskers’ head man during the final BCS National Championship Game, which helped get the notoriety ball rolling.

Fast forward to a question and answer session on Reddit (a site that FauxPelini had absolutely no idea about or how to use beforehand). The event offered in and out of character remarks. Everyone was having a jolly good time, then the official Cornhuskers account showed up and posted a picture of a cat sitting upon Pelini’s desk staring vacantly, if not somewhat defiantly into the camera.

The fourth wall crumbled.

Not only did the Twitterverse begin to see Nebraska assistant coaches making references to a cat that was clearly very real (although the authenticity of Pelini’s ownership is still in question). Pictures of the Big Red’s head coach boarding a private plane to visit recruits with cat carrier in tow went viral.

The transformation of what was once an inside joke into reality has become the official sidekick of a Batman who needed a Robin. Much like the caped crusader is hunted in Gotham City, Pelini’s approval ratings aren’t exactly sky high, but at least he now allegedly has someone who gets him. We all need confidants, after all.

In the meantime, FauxPelini continues to be himself, perhaps the unfiltered version of the often soft-spoken real deal. Pelini is clearly being kept up to date about his doppelganger’s remarks — the hobby of one person who never thought his actions ended up as the hot topic of sports sites across the country. Maybe the occasional witty remark followed by a wry smirk could do the Cornhuskers’ head man wonders on and off camera.

He doesn’t have to curse or shout, but one of Faux’s latest tweets would go over well during a press conference.

Hey, couldn’t hurt. It’s only a matter of time before the cat becomes part of official recruiting visits.

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