Michael Sam's Father Having Trouble Accepting News About Son Being Gay

By Connor Muldowney
Michael Sam
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A day that we all knew would come sooner or later has finally come — a football player who is aspiring to make it big has come out as gay. Michael Sam has made the news recently for coming out and the Missouri Tigers‘ DE and 2013 co-SEC Player of the Year is dealing with having his father struggle with the news. Michael Sam Sr., the young DE’s father, has reportedly been struggling with the news.

Sam told ESPN that he had spoken to his parents about it and they were very supportive, stating how much they loved him no matter what.

Well, news has broken today claiming otherwise. In fact, Sam Sr. has almost been fighting the news within himself. What do I mean by this? According to reports, Sam Sr. has taken to drinking and he “can’t eat” ever since he received the text with the news.

Sam Sr. told news stations that he received a text from his son that simply said, “Dad, I’m gay.”

While a phone call may have been better, Sam Sr. still should have taken the news a little better. Sam Sr. said he was at a Denny’s when he received the text message and he couldn’t eat anymore so he left and went to Applebee’s, stating:

“I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks. I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment.”

Those are some tough, unsupportive words coming from the father of someone who bravely cam out in front of the world. His father also called himself “old-school” and that former NFL great and Hall of Famer Deacon Jones would be “turning over in his grave” over this news.

It seems like his dad needs to be a little more accepting which is causing a strain in the relationship between father and son.

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