Snapchat's Pending Legality for College Football Recruiting Is Disaster Waiting to Happen

By Kris Hughes


Snapchat Legal for College Football Recruiting
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According to multiple reports today, the popular instant-texting application Snapchat will be a legal recruiting tool at the disposal of college football coaches and their recruiting staffs alike, effective August 1, 2014.

Snapchat has exploded in popularity in a relatively short amount of time due to the self-destructing nature of the messages which allows both the sender of the message, and the receiver of the message to wipe their hands clean of the message’s content due to the fact it doesn’t leave a traceable trail.

It’s right in the NCAA’s wheelhouse to make an application legal that will inevitably be used to circumvent the recruiting rules the NCAA themselves try to moderate and enforce — as we all know, largely in a feeble manner — and make them seem even more archaic and obsolete.

Simpler social media technologies like Twitter and Facebook have made the collective, gray-haired heads of those in power at the NCAA spin on their axis.

One can only imagine what will happen when Snapchat becomes the tool of choice for colleges across the country and the shadiest of dealings — which, again, we all know are commonplace — will be that much harder to trace, and likely, even more nefarious in nature.

When you think about it, Snapchat is a shady coach’s wet dream. Sure, there are tools out there which attempt to “capture” Snapchats before they self-destruct, but these aren’t used commonly enough for the number of chats sent to ever come close to being equitable to the number actually captured for posterity.

Like any other calculated risk, this could give coaches willing to bend the rules even further to get the job done, a world-class tool to work towards that end.

I’m hardly suggesting the NCAA has a chance to reel recruiting back in, that train has left the station long ago, but by making an application like Snapchat legal, they’re almost sending us a little wink and a sly smile in their recognition of how much of a lost cause it really all is.

And that’s sad in and of itself.


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