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5 Ways to Know You’re a Purdue Football Fan

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5 Signs You're a Fan of the Boilermakers

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Is it safe to say fans of the Purdue Boilermakers are the easiest targets in the Big 10 of a good joke? I live in Big 10 country; I live a few hours away from West Lafayette. That question was rhetorical. I'm telling you now: Purdue fans are pretty easy to crack on.

Making it easier to bully the Boilermakers is the fact that the football program is severely struggling right now. Purdue football hasn't seen more than seven wins since 2007. Last year, head coach Darrell Hazell's first season, they won only one game. It's like the opposing boxer just dropping his gloves and asked for a good hit! You can't pass on that.

I'm not here to crack jokes about the Boilermakers, though. That would probably be too cheap. Instead, I'm breaking the down the top traits of every Purdue fan.

So because the fall months in West Lafayette haven't been very kind to the fans, these individuals have developed some interesting, unique traits. I have the best of them here.

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5. Drew Brees is still your pride and joy

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Yes, Drew Brees is a pretty good quarterback, but he's a decade removed from your team. It's perfectly fine to still be a fan of the guy and where he came from, but don't let him be your gold.

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4. Passionate about a rivalry with the only team in the Big 10 that's worse

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The "Bucket Game" is not very fun to watch. Believe me; I've tried doing it before. Put this game on a basketball court and you have a game! Put it on a football field and you have a televised circus.

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3. Along for the ride during basketball season

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If you're a true fan of a university, you understand you're along for the ride with every other sport, too, including basketball.

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2. Notre Dame is your other team

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These fans are difficult to deal with in every sport. In the NBA, some have a team from the East and from the West. In MLB, some have an American League team and a National League team. In West Lafayette, you have those fans who claim Notre Dame, along with their Boilermakers, because -- let's face it -- that probably helps make life a little easier. It's annoying, though.

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1. You are a proud fan of the world's biggest drum

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When in doubt, Purdue fans will become religious with the world's biggest drum. I'm willing to be bet this thing draws in a louder roar than the actual team on a Saturday afternoon.