Braxton Miller is Big 10's Best Heisman Candidate

By Tyler Fenwick
Braxton Miller Heisman
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The Heisman Trophy has been dominated by the young guns of college football in recent years. Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston have hoisted the trophy the last two seasons, both being redshirt freshmen at the time. It seems to be the common trend in all of sports: The older gentlemen are stepping aside, and the young, rambunctious kids are taking over. That trend has a great chance to come to a halt in college football, though, because of Braxton Miller‘s decision to hang around at Ohio State for another season.

This does a number of things for the Buckeyes and the college football community as a whole. For starters, the Big 10 now has a stand-alone contender for the Heisman Trophy. I’m not saying guys like Ameer AbdullahMelvin Gordon and Devin Gardner are completely out of the race and shouldn’t be considered, especially since we’re just now getting ready for spring ball, but Miller is above everyone else in the Big 10 in this race.

The most important thing to remember about the highest honor in college football is that excitement rules. If you can make people turn on the TV just to watch what you might do, you’re getting there. That’s why a guy like Braxton Miller has a great shot to go the distance. He’ll be making his share of astonishing plays this upcoming season.

Another positive factor for Miller’s campaign is the fact that his Ohio State team will most likely be on the national map, which is always a huge plus for a player trying to get in contention.

Miller has a great opportunity to take a strip to New York City at the end of this year if all goes as planned for the electric quarterback. He’s the Big 10’s best shot at representation in the Heisman race, and I think it’s likely we’ll see his name being tossed around throughout this season.

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