Quandre Diggs Has Interesting Ideas for Texas Longhorns Football Games

By Jeff Kubiszyn
Quandre Diggs game plan
Brendan Maloney – USA TODAY Sports

Senior Texas Longhorns defensive back Quandre Diggs wants students to be able to attend Texas football games for free. He thinks this will change the energy level.

Diggs took to twitter to voice his displeasure over the current seating arrangement at Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium and the lack of support from fans sitting close to the field. He has a few suggestions.

These are reasonable requests, right? Players feed off the energy from the crowd. Diggs and his teammates want people who are going to cheer for the team, not post on social media all game long about their great seats and who is in their row.

To the Texas players, something is missing on game day that other schools have.

The Baylor Bears have a tradition called the “Baylor Line” that epitomizes student participation. The freshmen class dresses in yellow and runs from one end of the stadium to the other to create a human funnel for the players to run through. Oklahoma State has the “paddle people” to wreak havoc on visiting teams. Students bang paddles on the wall to disrupt communications. Considering the students are sitting practically on top of the opponent’s sideline, this provides a distinct home-field advantage.

Texas Tech has the highest student turnout in the Big 12. The school even had to open up a new section for students due to demand. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury gave out cash prizes to the best costumes during a Halloween game in 2013. Granted, there is not much to do in Lubbock, but school spirit is in full display at every home game.

Texas players want to get the students involved and create a raucous college football atmosphere. That makes sense.

What Diggs is missing is the fact that the people who bought those tickets close to the field helped pay for the field he plays on and a lot more. Luxury boxes, the Longhorn Club, the Touchdown Club, the Frank Denius Fields, the Neuhaus Athletic Center and the indoor practice facility are not the result of blood, sweat and tears from Longhorns players past and present alone. Ticket and merchandise sales along with deep pocketed alumni provided these amenities.

The University of Texas has been the most valuable football program in the nation since 2009 according to Forbes. The school is worth a cool $139 million. A university does not get to be the top dog by allowing students to sit in the best seats. No, those are saved for the people who come when they want, leave as they please and say what they want as long as they keep writing those checks. That is the nature of college sports. Diggs and his teammates should be grateful for these folks.

And let’s face it, nice facilities are great recruiting tools. This is an area that gives Texas a recruiting advantage over other schools in the Big 12. Many people like bigger and better things.

College football purists should applaud Diggs for his remarks. Fans want guys like Diggs and Cedric Reed on their favorite team – guys who bleed school colors and relish the college experience.

It is a shame when the tweet below summarizes the college football landscape today.

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