Duck Dynasty Company Purchases Naming Rights To College Bowl Game

By Andrew Fisher
Duck Dynasty
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The company that the show Duck Dynasty is based on, Duck Commander, is getting into the college bowl business. No, we won’t quite have the Duck Dynasty Bowl, but we will have a game sponsored by Duck Commander. It’s being reported that the duck call company has purchased naming rights to the Independence Bowl for the next six years. Starting next season, the game will be known as the Duck Commander Independence Bowl.

While this seems a bit odd on the surface, it’s not really that strange at all. In today’s age of 89 bowl games and ‘everybody gets a participation trophy’, there are plenty of names to buy up. This just so happens to be the first time a company heavily associated with a reality TV show has gotten into the college bowl business.

Ultimately, that’s all this is — business. The guys at Duck Commander saw a good opportunity to expand their brand and get their name out there even more. The days of sacred bowl game names are long gone. The bowl business has been opened up to anyone who wants to buy in, so why not the guys from Duck Dynasty? At least we know most of them like sports.

Phil Robertson, founder of the company, actually used to play college football. He wasn’t just on a team either. He was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech in the late 60s — in front of future hall-of-famer Terry Bradshaw. Robertson ended up leaving school to pursue his passion and started up the duck call company we all know today.

In addition to the Independence Bowl, Duck Commander is also expected to purchase naming rights to a NASCAR race. That’s right, NASCAR and Duck Dynasty will finally merge together in one glorious celebration of Merica.


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