Nebraska Football's Injured Mike Moudy Opens Door For Tanner Farmer

By Brandon Cavanaugh
Mike Moudy spring injury
Eric Francis-Getty Images

Spring practice is a critical time for players that haven’t gotten many minutes during their careers to break out. Nebraska Cornhuskers offensive lineman Mike Moudy is one such individual. He’s spent time as a rotational lineman, but never asserted himself as a legitimate threat for any starting role along the Big Red’s front. That was to change this year, but fate intervened.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Moudy will miss spring practice due to shoulder issues. This doesn’t mean that he’s entirely out of luck and can’t push for time later in the year, but by then, it may be too late.

Enter Highland, IL.’s Tanner Farmer. He wasn’t just considered one of the best offensive guard recruits in his state or at his position during the 2014 cycle, but one of the elite prospects in the nation. He’s also arguably the best in the Huskers’ latest haul. Those that don’t put much stock into rankings may shrug. Big deal, right? “Those recruiting services are wrong all the time.”

The problem with that theory is that not only does Farmer have the necessary tools to be a dominant offensive lineman, he knows how to use them right now.

I’m supposed to believe that one of the most highly-ranked offensive linemen of the 2014 class isn’t going to see minutes? A guy that dominated in not only football, but wrestling. A sport where poor footwork will doom you. This guy’s sitting on the bench?

Farmer schooled players at Nike’s exclusive camp known as “The Opening”. Hand-picked linemen that are headed to schools who will compete for the national championship this year. Moudy’s now a senior and suffered another setback. The severity of his shoulder issues has yet to be released, but the longer he sits on the sidelines, the more likely Farmer’s opportunity to take his place becomes.

Whatever the actual diagnosis of Moudy’s injury is, if he can make it back for the upcoming season, he’d be wise not to look over his shoulder. He doesn’t want to sit, but Farmer has a violent look in his eye. The kind of look that any school with a power run mentality wants. If the two lock eyes, No. 74 best not blink or a true freshman may steal his final attempt at basking in the spotlight.

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