Johnny Manziel Wears Oregon Ducks Shoes, Angers Aggies Fans

Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel is at it again, folks. If you’re looking for a quality football player who does things for shock value — or maybe because he has just a couple months left of being a ‘college kid’ — look no further than Johnny Football. In fact, the former Oregon Ducks commit and former Texas A&M Aggies star posted a picture on his Instagram of his new pair of shoes.

What’s so special about Manziel posting a picture of his new shoes? I mean, he does get publicity for just about everything he does. This pair of shoes will make you shake your head a little bit because of Manziel’s love (or not?) for Texas A&M.

Someone please tell me why the former Heisman winner is wearing shoes with an Oregon Ducks logo on the back of them and posting it to his own Instagram. He is just turning himself in on this one and he could care less who sees it.

Okay, Johnny, I have some advice for you: stick to your school and stop supporting the school that you turned down in the recruiting process.

Sure, those shoes are awesome and, heck, I might even consider buying a pair if I were an Oregon fan, but you were recruited by the Ducks, committed to the Ducks and turned them down to go to Texas A&M.

I would never consider posting a picture of myself wearing Oregon shoes, a possible college football opponent, if I was the former Heisman-winning quarterback who played for Texas A&M. Johnny Football, this was a complete failure on your part.

UPDATE: It has been revealed that the shoes were a gift. This, however, doesn’t make it any better for Manziel.

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  • Wallace Parham

    The Oregon Duck Jordans are a hot commodity on the urban scene. If you are a shoe collector they are a must have. I don’t think he’s showing off of taunting the Oregon Ducks, just showing off a rare sneaker find. He’s still a kid…a very privileged kid.

  • Ted Miller

    Aggies fans are just now learning what the rest of us have known for some time — Manziel is the biggest jacka$$ in college football.

    • D.C.R.

      Most Aggies know those shoes were a gift to Manziel from the Jordan sub-group of Nike. They are a collectors item and will probably be the first of many that he will be gifted with if their account with him pays off the way they believe it will. By the way, this Aggie isn’t upset at all and can’t believe anyone would be bothered by it.

  • RonB

    I know this is just RantSports, but this may be one of the dumbest articles I’ve read in a while. Author got his skivvies in a wad, didn’t he?

  • DeltaSquad

    Methinks some would be better off keeping their mouth shut, than opening it and removing all doubt…as is the case with this piece of journalistic garbage. As was illustrated by knowledgable others, these shoes are highly collectable and not representative of anything other than “hey, look at my get…” signed Johnny.
    Perhaps there is some truth to Manziel wishing he had stuck with the Ducks, but almost to a one, Duck fans are pleased that he didn’t…they’re really ecstatic with some relatively unknown Hawaiian kid named Marcus something or other….

  • Joa Tan

    “UPDATE: It has been revealed that the shoes were a gift. This, however, doesn’t make it any better for Manziel.”
    Oh, really? I’m trying to imagine a scenario where Nike sends this dude a package with a note along the lines of “Compliments of Michael Jordan. Welcome to the Nike family!” and Manziel refuses the gift. Or hides them in the back of his closet.
    The writer obviously has some unresolved issue with Mr. Manziel and it shows.

    • Connor Muldowney

      No unresolved issue at all. If my team’s QB was about to head to the draft and he took a picture wearing another college’s swag, I would be annoyed.

  • Stephan Anderson

    He doesn’t go to A&M anymore hes in process of being an NFL player get over if butt hurt aggie fans. Johnny can wear whatever team he wants

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