Bo Jackson Has Great Idea How To Punish Auburn Memorabilia Thieves

By Andrew Fisher
Bo Jackson
USA Today Sports

Bo Jackson was one of a kind during his playing days on the baseball diamond and football field at Auburn University. Nowadays, he has a one of a kind way to punish some students who allegedly stole Auburn memorabilia last month.

Here’s what Bo told TMZ on how he feels the three kids (who allegedly stole Cam Newton and Jackson jerseys/helmets) should have to pay for their crime:

“They should wear a sign — front and back — saying, ‘I was caught stealing and this is my punishment. To all my peers, don’t be as stupid as I was.'”

“These three individuals need to be placed in high traffic areas on campus every day for one month. Four to five hour shifts. No talking. No Facebook. No Twitter. This will hurt them a lot more…Parents aren’t doing a good job parenting these days. Young kids feel entitled to do whatever they want. I was a disciplinarian, so my kids know right from wrong.”

As you can see — Bo knows discipline and Bo knows punishment.

I absolutely love this idea. To heck with the third-degree burglary and first-degree theft charges. Jackson’s punishment is far better, mainly because it would actually teach them a lesson.

If these punks go through the normal legal process, they’ll end up with slaps on the wrists, barring any past criminal history. They’ll end up with community service and a stint of probation. That’s it.

Since the memorabilia has all been returned, it’s time for Auburn to think outside the box with Bo on this one.


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