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Florida State Fans Have Legitimate Reason to be Frustrated With New Logo

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Fans of college athletics usually hate change and it’s the norm for fans who see their best players last only a few years at most. It’s only right that these fans hold on to the only constant thing for their college or university — logos, mascots, fight songs and school colors.

Well, Florida State Seminoles fans are outraged because of a recent leak of the school’s new logo that is apparently too life-like for many fans’ tastes.

Take a look at the new logo which was leaked by a local Walmart:

Do fans of Florida State have a legitimate reason to have beef with the new logo?

In my opinion, the answer is quite simple: yes. Being a fan and graduate of Michigan State, I know all too well what it’s like to have a logo undergo some changes. Over the years, the Spartan logo has gone from gruff to a classic look.

However, there was a time a couple years ago when the Spartan logo was undergoing cartoonish changes — which were later vetoed by the school because of a lack of support for it from the fans of the school.

This Florida State logo is trying to do the exact same thing. Yes, new is sometimes better, but why change something that has worked for so long and that has been the trademark of Florida State for as long as anyone can remember?

Why risk trying to sell merchandise with this new logo on it if people are just going to boycott it because it looks silly and cartoonish?

Sure, it might seem petty to be angry about a logo change, but it’s something people grow to love.

Keep the classic logo, Florida State, it’s good on you.

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