Constructing a New Joe Paterno Statue is Possible, but Would Disgrace College Athletics

By Connor Muldowney

College football is still trying to get over one of the biggest scandals to ever rock the sports world, but some people are still so blind to the scandal that it’s sickening. The Penn State Nittany Lions‘ football program has been struggling to find an identity ever since the Jerry Sandusky scandal shook the entire campus. A new Joe Paterno statue idea is threatening to delay the identity process even longer.

Joe Paterno was the head coach of Penn State for decades and was considered one of the most beloved men in sports. He was fiery and punctual, but his actions — or lack thereof — costed him his job and many believe once he lost his job, he lost the will to live.

Paterno died a couple of years ago, but his memory still lives on in the hearts of many die-hard Nittany Lions fans. The memory, however, isn’t the correct one as he was a big reason as to why many young boys are scarred for life for not helping when he had the chance to.

His statue was a staple of State College’s campus. You took your picture with the statue before graduation and stood by it before football games.

The statue brought everyone together, but it became tainted once the details of the Sandusky case were revealed. The university made the right decision to take the statue down and many Penn State fans and alumni were outraged.

Now there is a group that is getting together to try and resurrect a statue outside of Tavern Restaurant in State College. The group is trying to fund about $300,000 to put toward the statue.

If this group was smart, they would cancel this process and leave the situation alone. What they are saying is that they support Joe Paterno’s moral flaws by letting such a horrid situation happen.

Stop this from happening, folks.

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