Jameis Winston Allegedly Shoplifted Crab Legs; Should FSU be Concerned About his Character?

By David Atlas

Jameis Winston is an absolute stud; on the field he’s truly a special talent. Off the field though, he doesn’t seem like a golden boy.

Four months after leading the Florida State Seminoles to the National Championship, Winston reportedly shoplifted crab legs from a Publix supermarket on Tuesday.

Here’s to hoping Winston didn’t sneak the crabs out in his pants.

While reports are conflicting as to whether Winston was arrested or simply cited, this should still be a concern if you’re an FSU fan. While shoplifting crab legs is only a misdemeanor and kind of weird, this adds to an already lengthy list of previous run-ins with the law.

Winston, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, was investigated for an alleged rape but was never charged because the State Attorney said there was a lack of evidence in the case. The Associated Press also reported Winston was questioned about his involvement in a long-running BB gun battle and to top things off, a Burger King reported that Winston was stealing soda in a ketchup cup. While none of these previous legal troubles have resulted in any punishment, they certainly show a worrying trend.

What makes this more puzzling is the NCAA recently approved an unlimited meal plan for student athletes giving Winston no real excuse to try and steal some crab. Maybe FSU was offering steak and he wanted some surf and turf? Whatever the reason, he has to understand that he can’t just take food from a supermarket and get away with it because he’s a big-name athlete.

While Winston’s alleged crab leg episode may just be another example of “kids being kids”, he’s going to have to grow up. He’s a redshirt sophomore in college and he already has a lengthy list of legal run-ins following him around and however you slice it, that’s just not a good thing for anyone involved.

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