Alabama Grocery Store Jabs Jameis Winston By Renaming Crab Legs

By RanterX
Jameis Winston
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

And you thought the Jameis Winston crab leg trolling was winding down. It’s probably just beginning.

Check out an Alabama grocery store’s jab at the Heisman winning, crab leg-stealing QB:

Of course Alabama had to get involved in this situation somehow. There’s always a place to interject ‘Roll Tide’ into any college football story, right?

As ridiculous as it is that a Bama grocery store got involved with trolling Famous Jameis, it’s still awesome. In this case, it’s acceptable because Winston did something so stupid. Of all the things he could have been cited for, stealing $30 worth of seafood is about the dumbest.

He could have at least gotten his money’s worth and made his suspension from baseball worthwhile by getting a public intox ticket. But no, he jacked crab legs from a grocery store. Something a 13-year old delinquent would shake their head at…

It doesn’t appear that the Heisman trophy winner will be punished by FSU football. Luckily this happened on the baseball team’s watch and he’ll likely be on the field to start the season opener this fall for the Seminoles. It’s always possible that they could give him some sort of Manziel-like punishment and ban him for a half, but that’s unlikely.

Famous Jameis will do his time this Spring. Hopefully he thinks long and hard about how stupid he was to act like a petty criminal for a night.


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