Texas A&M Changing Name of Kyle Field to Honor Johnny Manziel is Worst Idea Ever

By Connor Muldowney
Johnny Manziel
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In one of the most ridiculous ways of all time, the Texas A&M Aggies are considering a name change to the famous Kyle Field. No, they aren’t going to take away the name ‘Kyle Field’ — rather just add onto it. One Texas A&M regent, Jim Schwertner, wants to add “The House That Johnny Built” to the end of the stadium’s name.

How stupid is that?

Excuse my while I go on a bit of a rant about something like this. This kid spent three years at the university, starting for two, and now some schmuck that works for the university is trying to change the name of a field that has been standing for nearly 100 years.

Opening in 1927, Kyle Field was named after a graduate of the university who helped build the field. While not many people know the history of the name, adding something as ridiculous as “The House That Johnny Built” is almost a slap in the face to the actual builder, Edwin Jackson Kyle.

Sure, Manziel won a Heisman Trophy in his freshman season with the Aggies in 2012, but that is certainly not enough to warrant the name change of a legendary football stadium.

I’m not at all knocking Manziel because he really is a great quarterback and he helped the Aggies become one of the most talked about football programs in the nation. However, honoring the 21-year-old kid by naming a historic stadium in his honor would be a disgrace to Texas A&M.

Schwertner’s reason for wanting this added to the name was almost as dumb as the idea itself:

“Think about this – the last time we had a Heisman Trophy winner was John Kimbrough.”

Yeah, Kimbrough never won a Heisman Trophy, but finished second in the voting in 1940. He was then told that John David Crow was the last winner in 1957 and he claimed that was who he meant.

Okay, let’s not trust the guy who doesn’t know his own school’s Heisman winners.

“It’s going to be up to the students and former students to decide that. That would sure be a real testament about how great that young man was for this university. My vote would be yes, but there are a lot of other folks who will have a vote on what I just said.”

Wait, is he a superfan or does he work for the school? I couldn’t tell.

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