Michigan Tries to Impress Football Recruit With Magazine, Spells 'American' Wrong

By Connor Muldowney
Michigan Wolverines
Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines know all about the importance of recruiting in today’s college football. Head coach Brady Hoke is doing everything he can to impress recruits and make sure that his Wolverines stay in the top-half of the Big Ten in terms of talent and production.

Although the Wolverines are known as one of the best teams in the Big Ten, their stock has been falling in recent years and it’s mostly because teams like the Michigan State Spartans and Ohio State Buckeyes are doing nothing but getting drastically better each year.

Recruiting is important to Hoke — as it is to all coaches — and Brady is holding nothing back when trying to impress future recruits.

Check out this pretty cool — from a distance — ESPN the Magazine cover that the Wolverines made in an attempt to impress top running back recruit Mike Weber from Cass Tech High School in Detroit.

So this looks pretty cool, right?

Well, it does look cool if you look at it from a distance and don’t actually read the words. If you look at it closely, you can see that the word “American” in “All-American” is spelled incorrectly. That’s pretty un-American if you ask me.

Spelling one of the most patriotic words in the English language wrong is nothing short of sad and embarrassing.

Sure, it’s an honest mistake, but when you are supposed to be one of the best academic universities in the nation as well as trying to entice a recruit into coming to your school, you should probably double and triple check the spelling.

It’d be pretty awesome if Weber snubbed the Wolverines for another finalist and ‘little brother’ — Michigan State.

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