Iowa State Cyclones: New 'Hooray for Ames' Video Is So Bad It Could Hurt Recruiting

By Andrew Fisher
Iowa State Cyclones
USA Today Sports

Iowa State has a hard enough time getting recruits to come to Ames as it is. Ames is a solid city, but it’s not exactly a destination for top notch basketball and football recruits.

The folks that created this video tried to make the college town more appealing in a new video, but let’s just say it falls short of boosting Ames’ stock.

Here’s a look at ‘Hooray for Ames’, a song/video that’s sure to get people talking:

**Warning** You may never be the same after watching.

Couldn’t make it all the way through, could you.

To call this song/video awful, doesn’t really do it justice. It’s possibly the worst city promo ever created. But yet it’s so terrible, that it falls in the category of ‘terribly awesome’ things.

This whole thing could be a big joke. It’s possible, but unlikely. Someone, somewhere along the line decided that ‘Hooray’ was not only acceptable, but that it should be put on YouTube for the world to see.

Come check out Ames, where we create promotional videos that will make you question your very existence!

There’s also a conspiracy theory that this was created by people in Iowa City to benefit the Hawkeyes. In this case, you hope something crazy like a conspiracy is behind it all. But it just doesn’t seem to be the case.

‘Hooray for Ames’ is real. It’s also real, real bad.

Will this be enough to scare off any recruits? It’s doubtful, but certainly not out of the question.

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