Ohio State Sends Top RB Recruit Mock Magazine Cover With Typo

Urban Meyer

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It seems like the college football season is right around the corner — maybe because it feels like it ended so long ago. However, we are still about three months away from kickoff to the season, but that hasn’t stopped top schools like the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines from being in the news.

Why did I choose those two random Big Ten schools to talk about? Well both have been in the news for the wrong reasons and the most recent event happened when Ohio State sent a mock Sports Illustrated cover to top running back recruit Mike Weber with a glaring misspelling on the cover.

Take a look at the pretty cool edit and the embarrassing misspelling:

It’s a pretty cool cover, but as you can see under the picture it says “Ready to Deilver Titles to the Bucks.” Yes, they spelled the word “deliver” wrong when trying to impress a recruit. Embarrassing.

In case you don’t recall, or just haven’t heard about it, Michigan did the same thing to a recruit. Oh yeah, and it happened to be the same exact recruit: Mike Weber.

Yes, Michigan spelled the word “American” wrong. How un-American is that?

While Weber could basically go wherever he wants to play college ball, these mistakes are a pretty funny way to eliminate Michigan and Ohio State — if that’s what he chooses.

Maybe next time, Urban Meyer.

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  • blockO330

    Hey moron – check your facts before you write this pathetic article – OSU did NOT send this to him..it was some troll probably from that school up north. By the way you’re about 1 week late reporting this. I really hope you do this for free.

  • medusa little

    who cares, he’ll go to MSU if he’s smart. i could see him choosing OSU (even tho MSU just beat them as osu lost 2 straight games – champ and bowl)….but scUM is just totally irrelevant at this point. Hoke is doing worse than Richrod ffs. he got backed into a bcs game on the strength of richrods recruits, and the brands name. they havent won a b1g title or anything else in a looooong time