Georgia Football: RB Sony Michel Releases Rap

By Matt Maddux
sony michel georgia bulldogs
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Bulldogs signed two high profile running backs in the 2014 recruiting class. Sony Michel and Nick Chubb were two of the most highly talented running backs this past recruiting cycle. Both players are known for their abilities to shred defenses on the gridiron, but Michel brings something else to the table that might not mean so much on the field; he can rap.

Michel let it be known that he is a pretty decent rapper after he released his new track “UGA Anthem” over the internet. The young running back goes by the rap name 2Stackz and used the song to show his love and support for the university he recently enrolled in. He raps about what he hopes to do on the field. He also mentions some well-known Georgia rivalries.

The song is clean and pretty appropriate for Bulldog fans of all ages. I was decently impressed with what I heard, but it was no Jay-Z. It was a bit unorganized but didn’t have any illicit lyrics that most rap songs have. The one thing I was happy about was the fact that the song didn’t come with some video of Georgia students trying to be something they are not. Although a lot of the raps produced about college football teams are cheesy, this was one that didn’t get under my skin too much.

Whether you love rap music or not, you have to be impressed with Michel’s creativity. I’m all about players having more than just talent on the field, and why not use your football stardom as a platform to show those talents? The players put in the effort on and off the field for the program, so they should be able to have a little fun every now and then.

If football doesn’t work out for Michel, it seems as though he can always turn to rapping as a career. He should stick with football for now, though. His talents are better suited for the field than the studio.

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