Kentucky Wildcats: Fans Remain Loyal, Have Hopes for Future

By Tim Letcher

The feeling around the Kentucky Wildcats is largely positive, despite last season’s 2-10 record. Head coach Mark Stoops has worked wonders on the recruiting trail, placing the Wildcats in spots where they have never been ranked as highly as they are now.

Patience is a virtue, but it’s not a characteristic that many sports fans have. Fans want to win, and they want to win now. That’s the feeling within the Big Blue Nation, just as it is everywhere else in the country. However, Stoops and athletic director Mitch Barnhart are asking Kentucky fans to be patient, because everything will get better soon. There are higher quality players on the way, as well as a renovation of Commonwealth Stadium.

The question becomes, can the Kentucky fan base remain patient for another season? Kentucky is staring squarely at a 4-8 season in 2014, which will mean UK would be 8-28 from 2012-2014. That’s not a lot of winning for a program with such a loyal fan base.

Stoops and Barnhart continue to sell the future of the program, and they may very well be correct. However, if the Big Blue Nation is expecting a six-win season in 2014, they are likely to be disappointed. Not only does Kentucky not have the talent to compete in the Southeastern Conference just yet, the schedule is also brutal.

It might work out well for Kentucky fans in 2014. Many times, if the football team struggles, fans move on to basketball in mid-October. And the Wildcats’ basketball team figures to be a national title contender this season, so that could take fans’ minds off of the struggles on the gridiron.

If Kentucky fans can be patient in 2014, things appear to be on their way to improving in 2015.

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