Alabama, USC Facing Off in 2016 is Good for College Football

By RantSports Staff

As I am sure college football fans are well aware of, the Alabama Crimson Tide are a very good football team. Not just last year, which was kind of a disappointing season since the team didn’t win the championship, but every year. The USC Trojans are a team that also have a very rich history. Well, the two teams will reportedly face off as part of the Cowboys Classic in 2016 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is good for the sport to say the least.

The new playoff system should bring quite a bit of national attention to college football in the 2014-15 season. After all, so many fans have been calling for a playoff system for way too long now. Well, those fans finally got their wish.

Assuming that both the Crimson Tide and Trojans are on top of their games in 2016, this could be one of the most exciting games to watch of the season. As it stands, Alabama is a top team in college football on a yearly basis and USC is nowhere near as powerful as it used to be.

The Pete Carroll era at USC is long gone and the team has taken quite a hit since then. The same thing cannot be said about the Nick Saban era at Alabama.

With the new playoff system in place, these two teams could essentially play again in the championship game. However, a lot would have to happen for that to take place and who knows how these teams will be in 2016.

If all else fails, at least the fans will get to see two storied programs taking the field against one another in 2016.

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