Texas Football: Longhorns Were Willing to Offer Nick Saban $100 Million Contract

By Michael Terrill

Remember when there were rumors flying around about how Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban was considering the Texas Longhorns as a realistic possibility for his next destination? Apparently, there was a good reason. The Longhorns were willing to offer Saban a $100 million contract to become the next head coach and new face of Texas football.

“Texas was dead serious about trying to money-whip Saban. Depending on who you talk to — Bama big hitters or Texas big hitters — the Longhorns were prepared to give Saban somewhere between a $12 million and $15 million signing bonus and a salary package worth $100 million [plus performance bonuses],” writes SEC Network personality Paul Finebaum in his book titled, “My Conference Can Beat Your Conference.”

Saban denied all rumors involving the Longhorns. In fact, he stated that Texas was never a legitimate possibility. He never had it in his mind that he was going to leave Alabama. Of course, the $100 million never saw the light of day in Saban’s eyes. The man most likely never even knew that was a possibility. One can’t help but point out that if Saban did know about what the Longhorns were considering he might have second-guessed signing the $55 million contract with the Crimson Tide.

People can say it was never about the money, and that Saban wanted to stay in Alabama because of what he has created in Tuscaloosa. Dynasties don’t come around too often. On the other hand, neither does alleged $100 million deals.

There is no denying that Alabama has the best program in college football, in large part thanks to Saban. But, to use that as an argument is rather pointless for the sole reason that I don’t believe the considered $100 million offer ever reached Saban’s ears. If it did, the college football landscape as we know it could have been turned upside down. However, if Saban did know about how much money was being tossed his way and he still turned it down, then there better be a shrine erected in his honor so that Crimson Tide fans can appreciate the man for generations to come.

Regardless of how it went down, it’s quite astonishing that a college football program was willing to offer a coach $100 million plus bonus incentives. That’s how much Texas believed Saban could turn around their program in the blink of an eye.

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