Georgia Football: Mark Richt Brings Swagger To SEC Media Days

By Brad Stephens
Marvin Gentry - USA TODAY Sports
Marvin Gentry – USA TODAY Sports

Judging by his remarks at SEC Media Days, Mark Richt is bringing the swagger back to the Georgia Bulldogs.

After the media voted South Carolina as the favorite to win the SEC East, Richt was questioned as to the accuracy of that vote. “Heck no,” Richt replied, “I’d have voted us first.” This is slightly removed from Richt’s typical demeanor, which is sometimes self-deprecating and passive. Maybe Richt is just trying to fire up the masses and get the media talking, but it will no doubt create a buzz for Georgia’s matchup with South Carolina in September.

Richt has never been one for bulletin board material, so this response is possibly setting the tone for an exciting year. Maybe Richt knows something about this team that the rest of the world has yet to figure out. Maybe Jeremy Pruitt‘s fiery approach has thrown the gas to Richt’s internal pilot light. His counterpart, Steve Spurrier, has never shied from this behavior and his turn at the lectern was two days ago. Richt could be trying to get the last word in before summer practices get going.

With Todd Gurley, Ramik Wilson and Chris Conley to back him up in Hoover, Richt seems confident in his assertions that the Dawgs are a team to be feared this season. With a revamped defense and so many injured players returning to full health, the Dawgs look to improve on last season’s 8-5 performance and make it to the elite level of college football. “I think in the end, it’s gonna be Georgia,” Richt assured from his perch above the reporting masses. Big words from the dean of SEC coaches that undoubtedly will mark the Dawgs’ upcoming campaign.

SEC Media Days is all about talking the talk, but in August, the Dawgs better start walking.

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