Urban Meyer's Expectations For Tim Tebow Aren't Realistic

By RantSports Staff
Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow
Getty Images

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow made up one heck of a duo at Florida. Tebow threw the ball, ran the ball and broke the records, and Meyer helped coach Tebow and Co. to two national championships. Once again, great duo. Apparently, Meyer reportedly doesn’t get why his former star QB isn’t in the NFL anymore. Well, Meyer’s NFL expectations for Tebow aren’t realistic.

Now, if Tebow wanted to play another position, then he could definitely succeed in the pros. He’s a winner, a great person to have in the locker room, works harder than anyone else and is a football player. It would be great to see him actually get another shot at QB, but who knows if that will be the case.

As a QB in the NFL, Tebow racked up 2,422 yards, 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He also ran for 989 yards — 660 in 2011 alone — and 12 TDs. Say what you want about his throwing mechanics and whether he can fix them or not, but he did only complete 47.9 percent of his passes.

I understand why Meyer would back up Tebow. After all, he did see Tebow at his best and in an offense that was tailored around him. Could Tebow see similar success in a similar offense in the NFL? Sure, but we probably are never going to see that.

At the very least, Tebow would be great at a different position. The passion he shows for the game is crazy, he is an absolute beast in the weight room and he really is a good football player. He just doesn’t seem to be the best thrower in the NFL, or even close to it, and that is the problem.

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